10 Thousand Villages Producing artisan-owned Sustainable Jewelry

 10 Thousand Villages Producing artisan-owned Sustainable Jewelry

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Staying in tune with fashion trends and conscious consumerism, sustainable jewelry has hit the scene hard over the last couple of years. Ethically sourced stones & metals, fair labor, and responsibility for the environment are all some of the ethical practices of sustainable jewelry brands. Wear your environmental values on display and embrace it with the largest list of environmentally-friendly jewelry brands available on the market today. From birthstone jewelry to re-usable items, from vintage designs to recycled materials, sustainable jewelry has really come into its own.

Pi London offers an impressive line of environmentally-friendly jewelry. As part of an initiative launched by the organization, the brand offers a selection of “green” rings, pendants, and necklaces. These pieces contain a variety of pieces made from sustainable materials such as pearls, shells, and gemstones. The pieces also include elements from recycled materials like steel wool and corn starch.

There are also many other top sustainable jewelry brands that produce beautiful pieces with ethical credentials. Eco jewellery designers include Emmerich and GIA. The latter offers elegant gowns, cufflinks and chains that feature beautiful pieces made from only renewable or organic materials. The Emmerich brand focuses on using raw materials from sustainable farms around the world. The GIA offers affordable pieces that have been designed exclusively by women.

Many other sustainable jewelry brands offer cutting-edge styles. For example, Karianne’s line has some stunning pieces that feature organic and ethically sourced metals and beadwork with clever color coordination and cutting-edge designs. The brand offers styles that feature birthstone accents and pendants. In contrast, Celtic artisan jewelry brand Anoire is made with ethical sourced materials including beaded cords, shells and freshwater pearls. Other ethically sourced metal jewelry pieces include sterling silver and Celtic jewelry.

Artisans are often at the forefront of green fashion. A unique feature of Artisan Jewelry is that it is made using only a handful of local artisans who are very passionate about their crafts and proud to make them in the U.S.A. This ensures that you are buying authentic jewelry made by these artisans right here in the U.S. You can count on high quality pieces that will withstand daily wear and tear for years to come.

Sustainable Jewelry Brands that promote fair trade are especially important to support. This means the materials that are used in the making of their jewelry are not exploited or abused. Some of these methods include child labor or slave labor in third-world countries. Responsible manufacturers must strive to only source jewelry that does not come from regions where people are working in hazardous conditions. By purchasing handmade jewelry that is made using ethical or fair trade methods you are helping to support communities that provide opportunities for employment and economic development. These are just a few of the benefits of wearing an artisan brand when buying handmade accessories.

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