6 Low Maintenance Plants For Your Office

 6 Low Maintenance Plants For Your Office

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When you work remotely, it’s helpful to design a home office that is functional and pleasant. Setting plants around your workspace covers both bases, as plenty of plant species have been found to foster productivity and elevate mood. Here are six plants that require minimal care and can handle variable lighting and climate conditions so you can enjoy your green decor without adding to your workload.

Snake Plants Won’t Fail

With deep green leaves that stretch tall and proud, snake plants will make an eye-catching addition to your latest virtual background Google Meet scene. Not only are they nice to look at, but they’re also incredibly easy to care for. Snake plants favor medium light, but they’ll survive in low and high lighting levels, too. They can last about two to six weeks between waterings which makes them an ideal choice if you have a jam-packed schedule or you travel for extended periods.

ZZ Plants Absorb Pollutants

ZZ plants put the “ZZ” in “snazzy,” with satiny foliage to brighten up any space. These resilient stunners can withstand dim settings and infrequent watering. Even when you leave them in the dark and ignore them, ZZ plants will show up and improve your air quality by removing pollutants. Consider them your sheen, green air-cleaning machines.

Bamboo Brings Peace

Bamboo does best in spaces where it can avoid direct sunlight. Water on a weekly or biweekly basis and you’ll enjoy big, bright green leaves all year round.

In Japanese culture, bamboo is believed to ward off evil spirits, though it’s unclear if that extends to toxic co-workers in virtual settings. Give it a try during your next online meeting. Customize your collection of Zoom immersive view backgrounds to include an image of your bamboo and see if your team exudes a more peaceful vibe.

Air Plants Are Easy To Hang With

If air plants were people, they’d be the ones who hang around the office water cooler. These quirky plants can chill just about anywhere because they draw nutrients from the air instead of soil. They need to be submerged for a few hours every 10 days or so, but this can easily be done as you’re sifting through emails or participating in a webinar.

Philodendrons Give Anyone a Green Thumb

Philodendrons’ adaptable nature makes them a popular choice for individuals who are not botanically inclined. They’re also excellent communicators — their leaves will droop when you need to adjust the water level.

Spider Plants Work Overtime

Just like spiders rid the environment of pesky insects, spider plants rid the air of harmful chemicals. Spider plants can also thrive in even the dimmest settings meaning they’ll keep on eliminating toxins long after you’ve powered down for the day.Decorating your office with low-maintenance plants is an easy way to create a positive workspace at home. Spread the joy of greenery by showcasing your plants in a virtual background during online meetings. If Zoom doesn’t support your computer’s operating system, bypass Zoom virtual background requirements to upload an image that displays your beautiful plants.

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