A Simple Guide to Setup your own Ordering System

 A Simple Guide to Setup your own Ordering System


It’s not a complimentary fries that most customers want with their order. The customers are looking for convenience!

One study indicates that 51% of Americans have ordered food from delivery services, and 26% order at least once a week. 

How Restaurant Food Ordering Systems Helps You?

The millennial generation will always prefer quality and comfort over quantity. It is easier to access the Internet and websites on a mobile device than on a computer. Still, they can’t match the comfort provided by apps that accomplish specific tasks. 85% of users prefer mobile apps to websites due to 24-hour availability, secure transactions, and smooth operations.

These steps should help you set up your own ordering system!

Decide what your objectives are:

Developing a platform for your business is crucially important. However, building it for the right reasons is just as crucial. There are several questions that you should be able to answer that will help define your objectives clearly.

  • What problem are you trying to solve by building this ordering system?
  • Is there a particular area of your business that needs improvement?
  • What steps will you take to reach more customers?
  • How do you intend to make the ordering process easier for you and your customers?
  • Is your goal to create a brand’s identity?
  • Are you expecting any specific results from the online order system?

Define the functionalities:

Following the definition of your objectives, the next step is to outline the system’s functionality. What methodology will you use to identify the necessary functionality?

  • Write down all your requirements and the features that you would like.
  • Understand your competitor’s platform and see why you need it too.
  • Provide your solution with additional capabilities that differentiate it from others.

Understand your budget:

In the third step, you must arrange for an adequate budget to cover the implementation of the online ordering system at your restaurant. You should keep the following in mind:

  • Keep your budget flexible. Be prepared to adjust for additional functionality if the need arises.
  • When budget is a constraint, don’t allocate too much money if you can achieve the same outcome with less money.

Select your platform:

Making an online system like this must begin with the right kind of technology since creating a website from scratch is complex. Many users will struggle to do it on their own.

In the present day, your restaurant can incorporate a system for online ordering in three main ways.

  • Websites can be built with a site builder such as WordPress, Shopify, and others
  • Consider using marketplaces like Uber Eats or Deliveroo.
  • Develop self-branded online food order apps , like the one provided by Phygital24.

Despite this, third-party portals are no longer recommended since they are not your own store where you sell your product items. Therefore, it is so essential for you to take orders online and via your own mobile app.

In either case, you can start your online food ordering system from scratch by hiring developers, or you can use existing solutions available in the market, such as Phygital24, ChowNow, and GloriaFood.


The solution to your problems with keeping track of online orders is an online ordering system. This system allows your customers to order with you more efficiently and even pay online, increasing your profitability!

With the Phygital24 system, you can leverage online ordering features to upgrade your business, its menu, which will result in higher numbers of food-delivery orders.

More orders equal higher profits.

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