Angkor Wat Tuk Tuk Tour

 Angkor Wat Tuk Tuk Tour

Tuk tuk is one of the most popular and reliable means of transportation in Cambodia. This tour is a good option for travelers who want to explore Angkor Wat in a short amount of time.

The tour takes you around the small circuit of the Angkor Wat temples including Banteay Kdei, Ta Prohm and Angkor Thom. The tour also includes sunset at Pre Rup.
Ta Prohm Temple

If you’re looking for a temple to add to your one-day temple pass in Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm is the perfect spot. This ancient site is known for its ethereal beauty.

The temple has a traditional Khmer structure with a series of buildings with gradually smaller enclosures surrounding the central sanctuary. Be sure to take the time to explore the outermost galleries.

There are a few ways to get to Ta Prohm, but the easiest is by taking a tuk tuk. You can hire a driver through your hotel or a tour operator.

You can book the tuk tuk for the entire day for about $15 USD per person. This will include your pick up and drop off from your accommodation, as well as all of the temples you’ll visit. If you want to add on a few more temples or spend longer in each one, you can add a small tip for your driver.
Banteay Kdei Temple

The ruins at Banteay Kdei are far less visited than many of the other Angkor temples, and that makes them an excellent place to visit on the Angkor Wat Tuk Tuk tour. The ruined temple is an interesting maze of complex chambers that shines light on the 12th century Khmer architecture.

The red sandstone used to build Banteay Kdei gives it its characteristic pink hue, and the temple is adorned with intricate wall carvings. Several steles are also present and some inscriptions date back to the early 13th century.

Unlike many other Jayavarman VII temples, the exterior enclosure at Banteay Kdei does not feature moats or enclosures. This means that the huge Buddha face carvings at each of the four entrance Gopurams are visible from every direction, as they are at Angkor Wat.

In addition to the huge Buddha faces, the interior of Banteay Kdei is quite fascinating with its cloisters and halls of dancers. This is one of the only Jayavarman VII temples with these features and you should definitely check it out.
Angkor Thom Temple

Tuk tuk tours are a great way to see Angkor Wat without having to lug a backpack and without the hassle of hailing a taxi. Instead, you’ll be transported between UNESCO-listed temples like Bayon and Angkor Thom (which is also featured in the Tomb Raider movie).

During your Angkor Wat Tuk Tuk tour, you’ll visit several key points of interest including the South Gate of Angkor Thom, the jungle-enveloped Ta Prohm, Banteay Kdei Temple, and the famous Terrace of Elephants. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the history of Angkor.

One of the most iconic temples in Angkor is the Bayon, known for its huge smiling faces carved into the towers. Located in the center of Angkor Thom, it’s an incredible sight to see and is a must-see during your trip to Siem Reap.
Sunset at Pre Rup

Angkor Wat is one of the world’s most famous temples, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a breathtaking sight, surrounded by a moat and adorned with magnificent spires.

If you’re planning to visit Angkor Wat, it’s worth taking a tour to make the most of your time. On this Angkor Wat Tuk Tuk tour, you’ll be taken around the main temples of the Angkor Archaeological Park in a private tuk-tuk.

It’s a great way to get around, especially in the hot and humid climate. However, be aware that the tuk-tuk prices vary. You should negotiate for a reasonable price.

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