Are Genasi of the Fire Plane Truly Human?

 Are Genasi of the Fire Plane Truly Human?

The Fire Genasi are a rare and unique sub-species of humans, native to the continent of Aezot. This race is a part of a larger group of Earth-Genasi that have evolved from their ancient ancestors millions of years ago. They differ from all other races of humans in that they do not have a tongue, and instead their mouths are covered with sharp teeth for protection. Though these features are intended to protect them, they also cause them problems when attempting to learn sign language or holding a small toothbrush.

Ability Score. Your Constitution score will increase by 2. Other ability scores will remain steady.

Base Save: Once every three hundred days you can change your base save to a higher or lower one. You can change it even when your elemental ancestry has changed, though only to a certain extent. For example, a fire genasi that has been on fire planetouched for three hundred days will not be able to change to earth genasi until a month after they have lived on earth. This trait does not apply to all members of the genasi family, as younger siblings cannot change to earth genasi. If a member of your genasi clan ever takes an earth genasi trait, however, they automatically receive the ability.

Base Hit: Base hit is the number used to calculate damage done by a weapon. This number represents the individual’s ability to damage other living things, not their natural ability to do so. A genasi with high base hit becomes an excellent fighter, while a water genasi will struggle in that area. Each element has a different primary manifestation offspring. An air genasi cannot become a water genasi; conversely, a water genasi cannot become an air genasi.

Mental Capacity: Your genasi traits are directly affected by your genasi parents. If you were adopted, your mortal parents passed down to you their mental abilities. If your primary manifestation parent was exceptionally good at what they did, you tend to be good at it as well. However, if your genasi parent was weak at something, you tend to have difficulty with it as well.

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Earth genasi have the strongest minds among all the elementals. This is due to their natural affinity with fire, which allows them to focus and withstand almost any form of mental attack, including torture. Fire genasi have the ability to breathe in fire, which gives them an advantage over most others.

They are part of the House of Arelish, an underground race of humans that serve the elemental ancestors. Arelish is the ruling class in Middle Earth. Unlike most races of that world, Arelish has no written language, but they are fluent in song and story. These traits, coupled with their powerful minds, make the Arelish an invaluable resource for research of any type regarding the House of Arelish.

Base Race: As stated earlier, the genasi are part of the House of Arelish. Their elemental ancestors were mostly fire elementals. Because they have such strong roots, the Areish are often looked to as the base race of the entire world. Whether the arelithic ancestors left their homeland or not, the Areish do carry on their tradition and keep their ways.

Physical Description One of the most unique features of the genasi is their ability to turn into any form they desire. When a genasi decides to change into a water genasi, he must do so as an earth genasi. While water is a solid, fire genasi are air. Air genasi are considered the most powerful among all of the earth genasi. However, because most do not know the exact abilities of each of the three base races (air, water, and earth), it is impossible to say what each of them are capable of. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Personality One of the most noticeable traits of the genasi is their positive, caring personalities. Very little is known about the other two elemental planes, but it is believed that all three planes value honesty and social competence highly. They value the safety of everyone and are reluctant to put themselves in danger. Because of this, genasi often choose to work with the lesser evil or the good. This can range from helping the poor and innocent to fighting against the decadent tendencies of others.

History The practice of recycling is widespread throughout the elemental planes. This is particularly true in the realm of fire genasi. Fire is the material plane, and is associated with purification, decay, and destruction. It is the base for all of the evil things that are seen on the Material Plane, including dragons. Because of this philosophy, a genasi may find himself working side by side with a fire mage who purports to stop the cycle of reincarnation, and with a shaman who uses both magic and spiritual energy to achieve their goals.

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