Best and the Easiest Ways to Use Ponytail Hair Extensions

 Best and the Easiest Ways to Use Ponytail Hair Extensions

Ponytails are classic go-to styles that are easy to dress up or down. They need no advanced styling but still, look fantastic.

Are you wondering how you can spice up your pony? Ponytail extension can come to the rescue! You can turn any casual pony into a sophisticated style with clip-in extensions. Here’s how:

Ponytail With a Twist

If you have a casual ponytail; no need to panic. Apply some hair mousse and scrunch your hair. You can divide your hair into two equal parts, twist the right section, and clip the ponytail extension. Do the same with the left section. With this elegant style, you will look good on any occasion!

Ponytail Updo

If you want to change your style completely, try a ponytail updo. It is an easy way to have a chic look in a few minutes. Curl your hair and make it smoother by applying a heat-protecting serum.

Then, backcomb the top section of your hair and pin them with bobby pins to make a ponytail at the center part of the head.

Teasing Your Pony

Do you want your pony to look like Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) on the red carpet? Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo and apply a heat-protecting serum to protect them from heating tools.

Comb your hair back and create a deep side part. Tease the root area of your pony using a teasing comb to give volume.

Now, smooth the top section and curl them using a curling wand. You can also use a hair straightener to make your pony even sleeker.

Clip-in Ponytail Extension

Ponytail extension gives you a perfect look (no matter the hair texture). Here’s how to do it. Remove your ponytail and add hair extensions to your ponytail base. Then, attach the clip in extensions.

Now, remove the lower half of your hair (clipping them backward). Tease this section and smooth it with a brush to make it sleeker.

Secure this section with a hair elastic and then attach the ponytail extension.

Messy Pony with A Headband

If you have thin hair, create a messy look by clipping up your top hairs and smoothing them to make them sleek. Then, secure the area with bobby pins. You can make a ponytail with the lower half of your hair too.

Just make sure to tease the area. You must secure it with bobby pins, pull out two strands of hair from your ponytail, place them over the headband, and secure them behind your ear for an edgy look.

If you have thin, limp, or straight hair, this style is perfect for you.

Super Sleek Ponytail

If you have straight, thick hair, never worry about creating a sleek ponytail! Here is what you can do. Apply some soothing balm to your hair. Make sure that it coats your entire hair very nicely.

Now, comb them back gently and use hairspray to make them stay in place. You can then attach the ponytail extension to your hair.

Secure it with bobby pins. You can use hairspray to fix any flyaway at the front of your hair.

Side Ponytail with Extensions

Side ponytails are very classy, elegant, and chic! Here is how you can do this style. Make your ponytail in the center of your head. Then, gather all your hairs to one side and secure them with bobby pins. Now, attach a clip-in extension to the ponytail base.

Braid Ponytail Extension

Braided styles are trendy this year! Here is how you can try out a braid ponytail extension. Divide your hair into two sections. Then, braid the right section and secure them with bobby pins to create the ponytail base. You can then attach the extension to this base.

Twisted Bun with Finger Waves

If you have shoulder-length hair, give your ponytail a new twist by adding some fun waves to it! Divide your hair into two sections. Then, make a side part and create a braid from the right section of your head. You can then make another braid from the left section of your hair.

You can then twist these two braids and secure them with a hair tie.

Then, secure the twisted braid to the base of your ponytail using bobby pins for a whimsical look.

Retro Curly Ponytail Extension

According to reports, the rising demand for self-grooming products and increasing per capita disposable income have increased the growth of the global hair extensions market.

Retro curls are back in trend! If you have thin, limp, or straight hair, give your ponytail a retro touch! Here is what you should do. Make a side part. Then, start curling the front section of your hair using a curling wand or tongs. You can then curl all the front sections this way and then tie them in an elastic band.

Now, make a braid from the back section of your hair. You can secure it with a hair tie and attach the ponytail extension to this braid.

There is no lack of hairstyles that you can try with ponytail extension. Now that you know how to make new styles with your clip-in ponytail extensions, you can try them out for your next outing.

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