Best Banarsi sarees every lady should opt for

 Best Banarsi sarees every lady should opt for

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The timeless banarsi saree look is always the one to capture the attention of most ladies around the nation. This look is unbeatable by any other saree or other dress, but sometimes the main question that comes to our mind is which colour should we opt for.

Banarsi saree is a tough decision for all the ladies to make and with that, the colours are in a large variety but no need to worry we will discuss here the different colours of Banarsi sarees that will be the best to style yourself with.

Which colour banarsi saree should ladies opt for?

There is a variety of colours to choose from but for a lady, it is always a hard task to choose the right colour. Here is a list of some best banarsi handmade saree and designer sarees.

Blue banarsi saree

Blue is one of the most graceful colours in terms of saree. The cerulean blue banarsi saree look will make you the centre of attention at every party. This saree has a beautiful Patti border which makes it more graceful.

For a stylish look style, this saree with a golden blouse and tie a messy bun with light makeup and jewellery. We are pretty sure you will look stunning in this gorgeous look.

Parrot green Banarsi saree

Parrot green is a very calm and unique colour. Banarsi sarees will look great with this colour, especially with golden zari work. For ladies who want to try something new and classy, this saree is the right choice.

To look more stunning while styling this saree you should try some top-notch makeup with smoky eyes, eyelashes and a spark of blush to highlight your beautiful cheeks. Don’t forget your nude lipstick ladies! A contrasting blouse and a minimal amount of jewellery will make this look perfect.

Hot pink banarsi saree

Hot pink is one of the most attractive colours and this banarsi saree will look awesome at festivals or weddings. This handmade saree has its charm and attraction and the golden work on this colour looks super amazing!

For a traditional yet cool look opt for a gajra in your hair with simple makeup as your saree is bright enough to catch the attention. At last, don’t forget to wear a pair of silver jhumkas and a chunky bracelet.

Purple banarsi saree

A floral saree with a spark of purple colour in it is the best combination for any desi saree lover. This beautiful magenta saree with a golden border and a heavy pallu is a whole vibe to go with. This is saree is suitable for prestigious occasions like weddings and other functions.

A combinational blouse will go hand in hand with this handmade silk saree and a pair of silver or gold jewellery will be the right choice. Look stunning in this saree with a simple makeup look ladies.

The bridal red banarsi saree

The red colour is always the bride’s first choice and this red banarasi saree will make the bride look more beautiful and also add a royal look to your overall style. Let it be any colour saree, blue banrasi saree or the purple saree this red colour in unbeatable for the bride and the wedding.

This saree deserves a pair of beautiful gold necklaces with matching earrings with nude makeup and shimmery eyeshadow.

We have discussed here a wide range of handmade sarees, silk sarees and some best colours that you may consider while shopping. Always look for a real and high-quality banarsi saree and style it with the right pair of blouses and contrasting makeup.

All the ladies around the nation, wear these sarees with pride and look stunning in these royal banarsi sarees.

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