Boxun Review

 Boxun Review

Boxun is a web portal that focuses on political scandals in China. The site is partly funded by the China Free Press project, which is part of the National Endowment for Democracy. In addition, it also has an influencer network, and offers news coverage.

Boxun News is an online news service that focuses on stories about corruption, human rights abuses, and news that is not being reported by official media. It is based in North Carolina, and is operated by its founder, Watson Meng.

The website has received numerous cyber attacks from Chinese authorities in recent years, and is blocked in Mainland China. Some of its contributors have been jailed. However, 博讯 News was successful in predicting the downfall of former Chongqing mayor Bo Xilai.

The website was created by Watson Meng, a former Motorola and Unilever executive. It was started in 2000. It is one of the most influential overseas Chinese language websites. But Meng says that Boxun has not paid him directly for three years. He has been a source of anonymous contributions, and says that the company has not been paying him for many of the stories that he has written.
Influencer network

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News coverage

Boxun News is a website that publishes stories on human rights abuses in China. In a recent lawsuit, actress Zhang Ziyi claimed that Boxun defamed her by reporting on the fact that she was paid to sleep with Chinese officials. But this claim is just one of many that Boxun has made over the years.

The site claims to be a “crowdsourced” news platform that gathers user submitted information and then compiles it into articles. However, the company has faced harassment from authorities in recent years. And its servers have been targeted by denial of service attacks. Its operators have defended the company in the face of attacks, arguing that the First Amendment protects its reports.

Among its accomplishments, Boxun is said to have correctly predicted the downfall of former Chinese politician Bo Xilai. And it was also the first news site to report on the 2003 Chinese submarine accident.
Attacks by the Chinese government

The Chinese government has launched a series of cyber attacks against websites in China, including the Chinese language news site Boxun. The website has been hit with DDoS weaponry, which has reportedly rendered it unusable. In response, the website has changed its host provider and is now relying on reader submissions.

In October, the FBI issued an advisory on the Chinese government’s cyberattacks. This coincided with public criticism of the Chinese government and an increase in pressure on Anonymous in recent months. The advisory highlights the top CVEs used by the People’s Republic of China since 2020. The advisory also identifies the top U.S. government publications related to the Chinese government’s malicious cyber activities.

According to an article published by the South China Morning Post, Taizhou Wanbao evening newspaper defended the report. They said it was done in cooperation with local government agencies. However, they believe the reporter should be charged for publishing false alarmist information.
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