Celebrity Hairstylist Francisco Pinto has inspired many with his Life Story

 Celebrity Hairstylist Francisco Pinto has inspired many with his Life Story

Celebrity hairstylists play a critical role in ensuring that their clients look their best in the eyes of the general public. Before meeting with fans, paparazzi, and the media, most public figures have a personal hairstylist make sure they look their best. Given how influential social media has become, celebrities are always looking to improve their public image, so they seek out professionals they can trust and who share their enthusiasm for the industry. Innovators like Francisco Pinto, a dedicated hairstylist who has mastered the craft, are redefining what it means to be a hairdresser.

A Creative Hairstylist

Francisco is a go-getter in the hairdressing industry, especially when it comes to adding volume. The trending cosmetologist discovered his gift for hairstyling after immigrating to the United States at a young age. As a 19-year-old student at Paul Mitchell’s beauty school, Francisco Pinto was instantly recognized as one of the best stylists in the industry. To help pay for his education while still in school, he worked as an instructor at an accredited makeup school, teaching students four courses. Francisco has made a name for himself as the “King of Big Hair” in the cosmetology world. Popular magazines like 944 and Flaunt have featured him because of his distinctive curly and voluminous wavy hairstyles.

A True Story of Courage

When it comes to overcoming adversity and succeeding in life, no one does it better than Francisco. After being sexually assaulted and bullied as a child, he now has to balance working and pursuing his passions as an adult. Francisco, on the other hand, was unfazed by his predicament and continued on his path to success.

Francisco still actively pursues his ambitions and works with prominent figures in the entertainment industry. His ultimate goal was to perfect the art of applying hair extensions and help his clients look as natural as possible. After about five years of analyzing his own mishaps and failures with clip in hair extensions, Francisco found the answers he needed to achieve his goal and created two hair pieces that are much more effective for blending with natural hair than hair extensions sold by other companies. At first, he didn’t have much luck selling these products, but in 2016, he uploaded a video of himself performing his signature curl pattern on a client using his new product, “Fifi,” and made a sale.

Francisco’s invention, “Fifi,” quickly gained widespread attention. More than 200 emails and 100 direct messages came in after he posted the video. His product has become so popular that customers from as far away as India, Germany, Dubai, Canada, and other countries purchase what the USPTO calls “the only hair extensions on the market to give women the most natural full look in one single application.” Francisco Pinto is a certified United States inventor in addition to being a hairstylist.

He is an inspiration to everyone because of what he has accomplished through hard work and dedication.

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