CBSE Class 12 Arts & Humanities – Subjects, Syllabus

 CBSE Class 12 Arts & Humanities – Subjects, Syllabus

After clearing Class 10, students in India can choose between the three streams, Maths, Commerce, and Arts. Here in this article, we will be talking about the class 12 Arts, subjects, and the syllabus. But before that, we will briefly discuss the Class 12 Arts and Humanities and what it is in reality. Then we will learn one by one regarding the CBSE class 12 syllabus for Arts and Humanities students.

Class 12 Arts and Humanities

Before the students start preparing for the Class 12 Arts and Humanities, they must know the subjects and the syllabus. So, before moving forward, we will try to learn somewhat deeper about the Arts and Humanities. So, let us discuss the primary options with the students with Arts and Humanities. The first thing is that they can excel in several fields such as Analyst, governmental and political departments, sociological sectors. The students who have gone through good optional subjects will bear the primary benefit here. So, apart from the core subjects, optional also play a significant role in the career development of the students.

Firstly, let us move with the core subjects in Humanities that students need to study when they are in Class 12.

Core Subjects in Humanities

In Humanities and Arts, there are core as well as optional subjects. So, the student must be aware of both the main and the optional subjects to avail good marks in board exams. Also, students should not ignore the selection process of the optional subjects since it is very crucial from the point of view to score good marks on board and to get wider career choices. For instance, let us see the significant subjects in Humanities for Class 12.

  • Language 1: English (Core Language)
  • Language 2: Hindi/Sanskrit/Spanish (Elective Language)
  • History
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Geography
  • Political Science


History is the most important subject of Class 12 Humanities. The syllabus mainly focuses on all the necessary significant events and Indian History. The students also, by the time, learn to co-relate the impact of the historical events in the current situations. The syllabus is well organized to give proof of the students’ events and the events themselves.

The major discussion here is how the historis=ans were able to discover the past events. Students majorly track the paths of the historians back in the past days. They learn the history of India in three different themes that include ancient, medieval, and modern India. The topics in the History for class 12 are broken down into four major topics: the overview, issues, and the impact of the cycle on the current world. After discussing each topic, there is a different section to discuss the records from where the historian extract the historical events.

Political Science

Political Science is one of the most important Humanities subjects in Class 12. The subject is all associated with the science of policy, where the students learn about the history and the development of politics. Political Science is the bridge between the politics of the ancient and the modern era. The students further discuss how the polity came to the extent it is today.

The syllabus covers the political issues faced by the Indian Governments and the world. The political hypothesis proposed by several political scientists is there in the course. The student gets information on different ideologies and the forms of the governments that prevails today. Such governments’ history and evolution are also part of their syllabus.

The syllabus for political science is very vast. It starts from the revolution from where political science emerged and spread worldwide. Next, it majorly focuses on India’s primary and current political model. With this, the challenges in politics are also discussed over here. Apart from Indian politics, International politics also remains a good part of Political Science.


Class 12 Humanities has another subject named sociology, in which they learn about the average talks over the society. In this, their thoughts regarding the society and the mentality they construct for what society is examined. The syllabus covered in this subject teaches the student to explain human conduct in society. It is also an innovative subject that brings the teacher and the student at the same pace to create some good ideas regarding the new approaches to look at society.


CBSE board has geography as one of the core subjects for Humanities students. This subject is beneficial for students looking for their future in a field related to regional and urban planning. Geography also has many other fields that include remote sensing, GIS, rural development, and environmental issues. Accordingly, the syllabus for geography is planned in a way that students are ready to opt for the significant fields after class 12.

The core Geography syllabus helps the students comprehend the ecological components in superior ways. Moreover, this syllabus also links with many other governmental prep examinations. It teaches the students the depth investigation of the environment, its impacts on it, and the ways to establish it in better ways. It does not only deals with the national but also the international structures.

Career Options after 12th Humanities

Students belonging to the Humanities and Arts have promising career opportunities in diverse fields. They can further go with courses such as Fine Arts, Journalism, Hotel Management, Anchoring, Masters in specific subjects, lecturers, etc.

Students require Humanities in all the major sectors from Law to government jobs, including management and creative fields. Further, these students can opt for fashion designing courses, graphic designing, writing, journalism, etc.


Therefore, after class 10th, Arts and Humanities is a good subject if the students want to master some specific art form or the subjects. But in class 12, the primary task for the students is to get properly introduced to their subjects and the syllabus. So, if you want to grab good marks in Class 12 Arts and Humanities, then go through the subject matters and the syllabus correctly. This will also provide you with a good direction to proceed further.

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