Effective Social Media Platforms for Advertising, Number 1 Most Popular

 Effective Social Media Platforms for Advertising, Number 1 Most Popular

Initially, social media platforms were used for various messages, be it writing, photos, or videos. Along with the development of digital marketing, it turns out that business people must also be good at using effective social media platforms for advertising.

So, what social media are good for business advertising? How to use? What are the advantages of business promotion with social media?

Come on, read all the explanations in the following review so that you master how to advertise on social media properly.

Social Media Platform for Advertising

There are several examples of social media platforms that can be used for advertising, including:

1. Facebook

Facebook is currently still the most used social media platform. There are around 2.7 billion users spread across the world.

One of the advantages of Facebook is the Facebook Ads feature. In this feature, you as a businessman can advertise your products by paying to Facebook. You are free to choose your target consumers based on region, age, occupation, gender, and so on.

2. Instagram

Instagram users have now reached more than 1 billion who are also spread across various countries. For those of you who want to advertise on Instagram, you can take advantage of the Instagram Ads feature.

In this feature, you can freely determine the target consumer, region, age, and others. Advertising content can be in the form of photos and videos accompanied by captions that can attract consumers’ interest in your product.

3. Twitter

Twitter is also one of the social media that many people use. Until now, there are about 330 million Twitter users. To promote products, Twitter provides a hashtag (#) feature so that topics with the same hashtag can appear on similar pages, including your ad posts.

4. YouTube

YouTube is also a social media that can be used to place ads. Advertising content that can be displayed on YouTube is in the form of videos. Therefore, you need to create advertising content about good products so that it can attract many consumers.

The YouTube platform is owned by Google so ads from Google (Google Ads) can also be served on YouTube. With this feature, you can also set the target audience or consumers, the type of ad format, the type of ad, the location, to the time the ad is shown.

5. TikTok

Even though social media is relatively new, who would have thought that TikTok users have reached 1.2 billion. Until now, actually there is no special advertising feature in this social media.

However, you can stream promotional video content through your TikTok account. So that many other people see it, then you can pay for the services of influencers who have a lot of followers (followers) to promote your products. That way, later there will be many followers who are curious and interested in the products advertised by the influencer.

Uses of Social Media for Business

The benefits of social media are also quite profitable. Promotion through social media can increase brand awareness, get leads, increase sales conversions, to increase website traffic so that many people visit your business social media accounts.

Thus information about some effective social media platforms for advertising. Now, it’s time for you to use a new strategy for business promotion, namely with social media. That way, the longer people will know more about the products you are promoting.

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