G-Shock is the first smartwatch to use Google’s Wear OS

 G-Shock is the first smartwatch to use Google’s Wear OS


Casio has added to its G-Shock Move range of sports watches by introducing the G-Shock Move Pro multi-sport smartwatch, which runs on Google’s Wear OS. With main functions that can calculate a variety of sports like running, trail running, cycling, swimming, surfing, skiing, fishing, and trekking, the GSWH1000-1 offers constructive and personalized technology that helps users to remain linked and inspired toward their fitness goals.

The model has a titanium case back for improved strength and corrosion resistance, as well as an all-black honeycomb textured case and band. The watch also has a high-quality, dual-layer touch screen display for ease of use, as well as a color LCD display for viewing maps and measuring data while exercising. The dual monitor is water-resistant to 200 meters and includes the world’s first shock and water-resistant microphone as well as a magnetic charging port.

An optical sensor that measures blood flow under the skin to monitor heart rate, sensors for measuring altitude/barometric pressure, compass and bearing, a gyrometer, and a 3-axis accelerometer that detects body movement to measure step count and distance travelled are among the other technological features. The new smart watch also includes a fast, high-precision GPS that acquires position data quickly and measures speed, rate, and other multi-sports data. To improve accuracy and link speed, the GPS also supports GLONASS and MICHIBIKI.

The updated G-Shock Move App adds additional technological capabilities to the watch, including Bluetooth compatibility. Users can select from three different watch face choices, as well as manage measurement data and training history for particular activities. Another new feature of the app is sensor overlay, which allows users to overlay their workout data on top of images or videos from their workouts to share them easily on social media.

The new timepiece is stylish, with big, non-slip buttons that make it simple to use when on the go. A coloured, aluminium Direct Start button, for example, allows you to start your workout with a single touch at any time, whereas a metal bezel serves as a high-quality GPS antenna. A magnetic dedicated charging cable is also included with the GSWH1000-1.

Shock resistance, 200M water resistance, corrosion resistance, offline mapping, built-in water resistant microphone, vibration alarm, sunrise/sunset info, and tide graph/fishing time are all features of the GSWH1000-1. Starting in mid-May, the watch will be available for purchase at select G-Shock stores, the G-Shock Soho Store, and gshock.com.

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