Glass Dab Rigs: 7 Reasons to Use One and Tips to Buying the Right One

 Glass Dab Rigs: 7 Reasons to Use One and Tips to Buying the Right One

Glass Dab Rigs

Are you planning to buy new smoking equipment? If so, it can be a little bit overwhelming when trying to decide what kind of piece you want. There are many types of smoking products available on the market today, and it is hard to pick just one right type or style. For instance, glass dab rigs are pretty popular. 

If you wonder what the advantages of a glass dab rig are and how to buy one, here is some information.

What are the advantages of Glass Dab Rig?

Here are a few advantages to using a glass dab rig.

Superior Flavor and Texture

Taste – There is nothing like the taste of smoking through a high-quality glass pipe or water pipe, and this is even truer when you add in the use of an oil rig. The flavor tastes so much better from something made with BPA-free glass.

Texture – When you hold your concentrate over the nail, there must be no added plastic flavor to interfere with its taste. Glass adds a level of smoothness to smoking concentrates.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Aesthetics – It may sound nonsensical, but having a beautiful piece that you are proud to display can be significant. Although some people say that they taste better when used in a specific type of glass, the truth is that almost any glass will do just fine.

Easy to Rotate – There is no need for specific joints and fittings with dab rigs because usually, all parts fit together nicely, whether they are male or female. This way, it is easy to take apart and clean out any residual oil that may be stuck in the piece before smoking again.

Unmatched Customization

Size – While there are many sizes of dab rigs available, they are usually small enough to fit into your pocket but large enough that you can feel its presence when you inhale from it.

Odor – It is less of a problem than once, but some cheaper and older oil rigs can produce a solid plastic odor when you light up. With glass dab rigs, there is no plastic or other additives that may interfere with the taste of your concentrate.

Intricate Designs and Artwork

It is one aspect that separates dab rigs apart from other products. Some glass artists are so talented that they can create works of art in the form of highly detailed glass oil rigs, which makes for an excellent addition to your smoking collection.

You can find different designs and styles of glass oil rigs online on websites specializing in selling high-quality smoking equipment.

Compatibility with Dab Rigs

According to reports, in Mexico, the market value of recreational cannabis is forecasted to reach nearly US$655 million by 2028. If you do not intend to use dabs, it is still a good idea to have a rig because almost any other smoking product can be used in it. 

For example, people who would like to enjoy their flowers without the harmful effect of inhaling butane gas can roll them into small joints and smoke them through glass oil rigs.

The same goes for pre-rolls. You need not invest in a separate piece just for smoking joints or pre-rolls when you have an oil rig that works perfectly well.

Compatibility with Other Smoking Devices

Not only can your oil rig be used with any other type of smoking product, but they are also compatible with a wide variety of other smoking devices. For example, some oil rigs can even be attached to an electronic vaping device to produce vapor, and others have been modified for use as bongs and dab rigs.

Tips to Buy Dab Rigs

Remember, the price of an oil rig will affect its overall quality more than anything else. If you are on a tight budget, do your best to find pieces with simple designs and standard equipment, as they tend to be the cheapest.

While you may have a set budget, it is essential to consider what you are willing to spend on extra features. Some rigs come with multiple percolators and other attachments, which may not suit people who want something simple yet functional. 

The smaller the number of percolators, the less expensive it will be. Some oil rigs are too small to provide a safe and stable base so that they may fall over during use.

It is best to look for a piece that comes with one or two nails that can be used with both concentrated and dry herbs, just in case you decide to switch between the two. Hence, it is essential to read customer reviews and buy these tools from reputed sellers.

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