Google My Business Review – What You Need to Know to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

 Google My Business Review – What You Need to Know to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business reviews are an important part of Google Places, the new Google feature that encourages visitors to leave an opinion about your business. For businesses, the review helps you learn more about who is visiting your site, what they want to purchase, how they found your site, and many other important details. Reviewing your business’s reviews is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO) for multiple reasons. Here are just a few:

o You can actively encourage your customers to leave a positive review on your Google Business account by inserting a link to your corporate communications in the “About Us” section. Writing a Google My Business review is easy, and most times, it can already be automated for you. You could include a link in your e-mail signature, with your contract, on your main website, or just ask visitors to leave a review while speaking with them.

o Your Google My Business page can make sure your local customers remember your business hours by making sure the “Google Places” section is listed at the top of the page. The listing will be above the fold, which means only those looking at the page will see it. Customers often spend a great deal of time searching for a business to visit, so making sure it appears on the first page of search results helps them find you more easily. To make sure the link is displayed properly, make sure the page isn’t overly busy or distracting. You can always change the links later if necessary.

o When you begin to market your Google My Business account, one of the things you will likely do is create a login page for your site. This is where all your reviews, clients’ information, and such will appear. This is a good place to introduce yourself, as well as your business hours. As you go through the process of setting up your login page, however, you may become frustrated with the design and functionality of your Google Gmb page.

o To simplify this process even more, I have found one very helpful tip. If you are working on setting up a Google My Business review or signup, then optimizing your account is a great way to simplify it. One of the biggest problems with optimizing your site is that some search engines are blocking access altogether to Google pages until they have been converted to a.html format. If you are working on getting a.html file before you attempt to optimize your site for Google, then your pages will not be blocked from showing up in the search results.

Once you have done the basic design work on your Google My Business page, then comes the most important part – the Google verification code. If you don’t have a Google verify code, then your site will not be indexed with Google. There are two options when it comes to optimizing your Google My Business listing: you can either go through the process of having Google verify your website (which is free) or you can set up your own Google verification code. Personally, I recommend the latter, as it is the most effective and least time consuming.

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