How to Clean Laminate Floors

 How to Clean Laminate Floors

Today’s homeowners place great value on their flooring choices. Many people buy homes and apartments that are easily accessible and accept the flooring as it is. Others build from scratch with the vision of a dream home. The floor type is an essential choice for the latter group for many reasons. The most important factors to consider are strength, durability, aesthetics and affordability. Laminate flooring is one of the most popular options. 

Lamination flooring is relatively difficult to maintain, but with some amazing advice, you can not only clean it but also give it a really shiny look. Here are some tips to keep your laminated floor clean and shiny.

Clean the floor more often

As with most flooring options, the following applies here as well. If you clean the floor more frequently, you will use it for the long term. From the point of view of regular maintenance, laminated floors require a minimum amount of cleaning agent, which often contain household ingredients. 

Once or twice a week cleaning is generally recommended to maintain the laminated floor, but a deep cleaning procedure should be done every 30 days. You can use a vacuum cleaner with a gentle brush cleaning every week, or lightly clean it with a floor wipe. Do not use a regular broom. Hair can damage the exterior gradually with time and destroy the laminate. Make it a point to especially vacuum these lines as dirt and debris will also settle in the grooves. 

Hygiene-conscious allergic patients opt for mops with integrated antibacterial protection. This prevents the area from being infected with bacteria and mold for quite some time and keeps the area hygienic and healthy. When wiping the laminate, you can always make a cleaning solution on your own with baking soda or a mild detergent dissolved in water.

Large-scale monthly cleaning

Laminated floors that have been left unattended for a long time require cleaning effort more than it usually does. Before starting an intensive cleaning, first remove any dust that may scratch or rub the laminated floor while you clean it. Follow the first steps to thoroughly clean or vacuum first. 

Some stains may be stubborn and usually require excessive scrubbing, but special laminated floor cleaners can be used to remove damage from too many detergents. Follow the instructions that are given with the cleaner and follow as they say. Most commercial laminated floor cleaners dilute the cleaning agent with water and moisten it with a regular cleaning cloth to clean it. 

Finally, wipe off the damp residue with a dry cloth. These residues can also attack flooring material if ignored for extended periods of time.

Use vinegar and hot water

For laminated floors, using warm water as a cleaning agent is great as it keeps the floor away from water streaks once it dries. To clean your floor have to do is mop after you squeeze out the excess water so that the material just gets wet, and slide it on the floor to clean it completely. When using a laminated floor cleaner for the first time, vinegar is an excellent natural alternative for cleaning laminated floors. To make a solution, mix hot water and a cup of vinegar and clean as you regularly do to wipe off all the water until dry.

Always clean the floor if it gets dirty

One of the advice to keep your floor clean at all times is to act immediately if you find any unusual stains. Use a vacuum cleaner to clear debris and crumbs and wipe off any spills immediately. Wipe the spilled liquid with a water-dipped paper towel to clean the floor, and for dust and debris clean the floor with a damp cloth. Then perform the cleaning using one of the above solutions. Then wipe it dry using a clean cloth.

Use some home hacks to get rid of dirt

Regular maintenance of laminated floors is almost impossible when you have children in the house. The most common stains that appear on laminated floors are colored pencils, dirt, sauces, and squash. In rare cases, minor accidents may occur and liquid ink or nail paints may spill on the laminated floor. In such cases, the laminated floor needs to be cleaned especially carefully. 

Gentle soap and water usually clean up many stains, but a diluted window cleaner can remove the stains from the laminated floor. Stains of nail polish can be removed by using acetone that is diluted or alcohol. The ink gets messier with water and floor cleaners designed for laminating.

Keep your shoes off the ground

In addition to causing untidy floors from mud and external abrasive debris, laminated flooring can be damaged. Setting policy where no one brings their shoes inside the home is a great way for the whole family to be actively involved in floor maintenance and hygiene. Your entrance should have a floor mat and a rack beside it for keeping shoes. Before someone enters the homes they should clean their shoes or leave them in the rack and put on your slippers before proceeding. 

If possible, avoid having heels on laminated floors. If you see scratches, get rid of the stains right away. A cleaner containing active ingredients that thoroughly removes dirt when combined with water, effectively removing dirt.

Final thoughts

Like parquet floors, laminated floors are also damaged if we leave water and moisture on them for extended periods of time. It damages the shielding layer and the use of harsh chemicals, abrasives and tools shorten the floor life further. If you follow the tips given above you can keep laminated floors a perfect and shiny look for years. Make sure you take care of your new home by not only keeping the floor clean but also ensuring that it has the latest smart appliances for convenience. Smart Home Installation Price is affordable and also saves energy in the long run to offer you comfort and time to spend with your family. 

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