How to Make the Safest Pancakes Ever Using Food Grade Silicone Kitchen Tools

 How to Make the Safest Pancakes Ever Using Food Grade Silicone Kitchen Tools


Whether you’re flipping pancakes or caramelizing onions, the ideal silicone cooking utensils aren’t only convenient to hold but safe as well. Silicone cooking utensils can be used for baking, frying, broiling, stewing, and sauteing. Silicone is known for its ability to form a barrier between the food and the cooking utensils, which prevents the food from absorbing flavors and cooking juices from the utensil itself. However, Silicone cooking utensils aren’t only good to cook with but also safe to touch. If you feel strongly that your utensil shouldn’t be completely covered in silicone, you may prefer handles made of a different material for aesthetic reasons.

There are plenty of Silicone cooking utensils available in the market today, with some brands even having double the amount of uses as stainless steel kitchen tools. The most popular Silicone cooking utensils include:

Rubber Spatula: A rubber spatula is perhaps one of the most versatile silicone products. You can use it for mixing ingredients, beating eggs, or scraping sugar. Aside from its many uses, this rubber spatula helps retain odors:

Slicer/ Tongs: You can find Slicer and Tongs in most Silicone products. These silicone cooking utensils come in different shapes and sizes to meet different cooking needs. One reviewer pointed out that using tongs with this utensil set could be a challenge, especially for those not used to using the tongs. Nevertheless, once you get the hang of it, using these tongs will no longer be a problem. This is one of the few utensil sets with both long and short handles, allowing the user to grip the handle tightly for more leverage and ease of use. Moreover, long handles allow the user to cover more giant pans with just one hand.

Nonstick Sushi Skillet: A nonstick skillet is a perfect addition to any kitchen. This silicone cooking utensil set offers excellent heat resistance ability, and even the users can control the heat with the flick of their fingers. It also can stand on the heat for a more extended period without experiencing any discoloration or burning.

Flip Flop Skillet: One of the most popular utensils featured in most reviews is the Flip Flop Skillet. As the name suggests, this unique silicone cooking utensil features a safety flip-top where food items can be flipped quickly for a safer and faster way of flipping pancakes. This also has an extended handle so one can be able to cover wider pans. If you want to learn how to make the safest pancakes ever, this is the utensil that you must have.

One-Piece Silicone Turner Spatula: One of the essential silicone cooking utensils is the one-piece silicone turner spatula. This one-piece silicone utensil can be easily stored when it is not being used, as the name suggests. On the one hand, it is highly durable as it can withstand high heat for long hours before it wears off. On the other hand, this piece features a long handle that allows the user to cover more giant pans. If you want to learn how to make the safest pancakes ever, this is the utensil that you must have.

Safe and Effective Silicone Skillet Tips: Using silicone cooking utensils may seem intimidating at first. Once you get over the intimidation factor, you will realize how valuable these kitchen tools are in making the safest pancakes ever. To ensure that you have the most effective and safe use of this kitchen tool, ensure that you use food-grade silicone material and materials. As mentioned earlier, no metal or glass materials are allowed. If you want to know how to make the safest pancakes ever, be sure to follow this rule.

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