How to Optimize Images for Google

 How to Optimize Images for Google

Optimizing images for Google is an important step in your SEO campaign. With the help of Google’s Vision AI algorithm, you can learn what Google knows about an image and then take advantage of this information to make your photos more search engine friendly. This algorithm works by analyzing images for specific themes, facial expressions, and text.

A high-quality photo can tell your story about your products and services. It builds trust between your business and your potential customers and increases the chances of conversions. You can take your own high-quality images or hire a professional photographer to do the job for you. Images should have a resolution of 800×800 or higher.

If you’re using WordPress, you can format your images in the default responsive way. Otherwise, you can manually format them. If your WordPress is older than 4.4, you can use an attribute called srcset, which is provided by Google. You can also use free online tools like Convertio, Ezgif, and WP Express to optimize your images. However, these tools require you to upload your photos to their respective libraries.

In addition to good quality and relevance, your images should have an appealing appearance. The number of sites your photos are embedded on can impact their ranking. Google rarely shows images with unusual dimensions, so be sure to keep this in mind when creating your images. If the image does not fit within a standard aspect ratio, it will be resized to fit the website. This means that large group photos may lose detail when cropped for thumbnail display, which won’t attract clicks.

To make your images more visible, you should include alternative text (alt text) on the images. This text helps people who have visual impairments understand what they’re looking at. It can also act as anchor text for the image, enabling Google to understand it better. Google also considers how your images are used and in what context.

Optimizing images for Google can help your website get more traffic. Millions of people use image search tools every day. If you use image search tools on your website, your images can show up right at the top of Google searches. With a little effort, you can increase visibility of your images and your website.

Besides making your images look better, it will also increase the speed of your site. A slower website takes longer to load compared to a fast one. A slower website will be abandoned by 90% of visitors. By optimizing your images, your website will have a faster loading time and a better ranking in Google.

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