How To Promote Products Via Instagram Reels

 How To Promote Products Via Instagram Reels


Social media is a very powerful tool when it comes to creating a strong presence, introducing products, and promoting them to an audience. Instagram is one such tool that can promote products effectively. Instagram reels appear on the feed of potential clients or customers who interact with products of a similar kind. Instagram reels are a boon, especially for start-ups and small businesses. This guide will tell you everything that you need to know about promoting products via Instagram reels. 

If you have not yet started using the Instagram reels, here is why you must start right away:

  • Reels often go viral among the target audience and reach your potential customers. 
  • Instagram reels are a great way to create a personal bond with your followers and potential customers. 
  • Instagram reels amplify the effect of your idea or message, as trending music or audio clips can be added to draw clients’ attention. 
  • Instagram reels are a great way to experiment with your target audience to see what works and what does not. This is a great way to get insights that will help you in planning your marketing strategy in the long run.
  • You can create original content to catch the attention of your target audience, to show your unique presence in an ocean of accounts on social media. 

Now that we know why Instagram reels is a great tool to promote products, let’s get started with how to promote products via Instagram reels:

Being Unique has an appeal:

Instagram has millions of users. To make your mark and create a positive impression, it is important to be unique. 

By being unique, you can connect with your potential customers and followers on a more personal level. This is important in building brand trust. Reels are the fastest way to reach more followers and potential clients who can get exposed to your product presence. 

Reels are a good way of showcasing the human aspect of your brand or business – this is a clever way of creating brand trust among your followers. 

Educational content to educate your audience about your product:

No matter what your brand stands for, create educational content. This means talking about how your brand or business was born and how it has been serving thousands of people either through products or services. You can also include ways in which your product can benefit your customers. 

Create reels from the audience’s point of view. Create reels that are relevant, relatable, and shareable. This will instantly ensure that you reach out to a wider audience base. 

Share visually and emotionally appealing content:

Instagram reels allow you to play around with colours, designs, music, emojis, hashtags, and much more. This gives you all the creative freedom to explore ways to connect with your followers and customers. 

Occasionally create funny and humorous content, a motivational quote, exciting videos, etc. to catch their attention. Entertaining content is a great way to reach out to audiences that have not interacted with your content before. Relatable content gets shared quickly. 

Create reels that ask for the response of the audience:

End your reel with a question or ask for the audience’s opinion. This makes it easy for followers and customers to interact directly with you. It is a great way to build a conversation on a personal level. Create polls and involve audiences to make them feel like they are a part of your brand. 

Get them to shop immediately

Most people usually add products to their cart for future consideration. Skip to the good part, by using reels. Reels are shoppable, and the viewers can make purchases within video content. Add a link to the landing page where your customers can instantly buy the product. Create irresistible time-bound offers to lure your customers into buying your products instantly. You can also use the link option to drive traffic to your shopping page, the home page, or the website page.  

Show off your products on reels:

Reels are a great way of convincing your audience to buy your product. Use trending music and filters and mention things such as:

  • Your products’ Unique Selling Point 
  • Client testimonials
  • Behind the scenes footage of bringing a product to life
  • The faces behind the scene that make the magic happen

Doing so will instantly add a human touch to the product. It will enhance customer appeal and allow the audience to connect with your brand on a more personal level. In a world where shopping is becoming increasingly virtual, establishing a connection with the brand can do wonders. 

Partner with influencers:

Reels are a great way to get an influencer on board for an ad or campaign. This is one of the easiest ways to promote your product. However, choose your influencer wisely. Analyze their followers to see if they are a good fit to be your customers before bringing the influencer onboard. 

A quick source of byte-sized information:

Earlier, it was a long and tedious process of trying to close deals or sales. That is now a thing of the past, thanks to Instagram reels. You can disclose all the information that your customer needs to know via reels. Use captions, descriptions, and visual ideas that the customers and followers can relate to.

Use relevant hashtags so that you are inst-searchable or reel-searchable. 

Instagram reels allow you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags that are relevant to your content. Use hashtags that resonate with your brand, use location-specific hashtags, etc. so that you can reach out to your most ideal customers if they have not found you yet. 


If you haven’t already tried Instagram reels to promote your product, there is no better time than now. Explore all the features that reels offer so that you can make your videos visually appealing and catchy, classy, or any other brand tone that you want to portray. Let’s get reeling!

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