How to Use Emisoras and Your Content in Emissoras

 How to Use Emisoras and Your Content in Emissoras

If you have been reading the news lately, you have likely heard about emisoras. But do you know what they are? And how do you use them? In this article, we’ll cover How to Use the “Emisoras Colombianas en Vivo” Service, Your Content in emisoras, and How to Dispute Disputes Between a Radio Station and an Emissora.
Using the “Emisoras Colombianas en Vivo” Service

By accessing or using the “Emisoras Colombia’s en Vivo” Service, you agree to the Terms and Conditions set forth below. You also agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions set forth by Emisoras Colombianas. These Terms and Conditions apply to all users of the “Emisoras Colombianas en Vivo” Service.

Emisoras Colombianas a en Vivo service is the digital equivalent of a radio receiver, and it is a database of radio stations across the country. Emisoras Colombianas en Vivo is not a broadcaster, but it directs its users to specific content providers for streaming. In this way, Colombians can access a large variety of radios, including popular Colombian radio stations.
Using the ‘Busqueda’ feature to find radio stations

Using the ‘Busquedo’ feature in Google Radio can help you find radio stations based on your location. Depending on the terrain, you can use up to 70 km of radius for a station’s position. This radius can be as little as 20 kilometers if you are in a mountainous area. The search result can be tailored to suit your preferences and listening habits.

Afterward, you can create a list of radio stations that meet your criteria. You can then add those stations to your favourite list. This is the second database that stores your station preferences. You can then filter the list by defining the genre and type of music. You can also search by station name, genre, and language. Once you have your radio station list, you can use the ‘Busqueda’ feature to find more stations.

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