HP Envy 13 Laptop Review

 HP Envy 13 Laptop Review

HP’s Envy 13 laptop has the basic ports you’d expect from a modern mainstream laptop. There is an SD card slot, Kensington lock hole, 1 USB 3.0 port, and headphone/mic combo jack. The touchscreen also has a dedicated key to enable webcam isolation and HP System Control. HP Envy laptops support Balanced, Performance, and Cool power modes. There is also an SD card reader and a Type-C port for an external battery pack.

The HP Envy 13 is an excellent budget-priced laptop with an attractive design, solid battery life, and solid performance from its Core i5 CPU and Nvidia GPU. The build quality is generally decent, but it’s not as good as some of its top rivals. While it’s not as fast or light as other portables, it’s still a solid choice for most users.

The hp envy 13 laptop review IPS display provides a Full HD 1920×1080 resolution and a touchscreen, which increases its versatility. Although the screen lacks a 16:10 aspect ratio and 3:2 aspect ratio, it is still a good choice for watching movies and playing games even in low-light conditions. And because it’s cheap, it’s an excellent bargain buy. It’s easy to find and buy, so get shopping!

HP Envy 13’s design isn’t eye-catching. It’s also not as colorful as some other laptops. The silver aluminum body panels are nice, but the bezels are not. This can be frustrating if you’re trying to work from a chair. The 1.3kg HP Envy 13 is a good choice for light users, but you might want to consider other options before you make a final decision.

While idling, the HP Envy 13 rarely rises above 24 degC, just above ambient temperature. The heat generated by the laptop is minimal, as the processor is restricted to help prolong the battery charge. When working in heavy applications, the laptop’s keyboard and chassis can get quite toasty – we’d suggest that the maximum temperature be around 100 degC. However, you can expect the fans to engage when doing heavier tasks such as watching a movie or downloading a file. The battery, at 51Wh, can hold out for a long time.

Another area where the HP Envy 13 stands out is battery life. In Basemark web benchmark, the HP Envy 13 lasted for three and a half hours, which is about half an hour longer than the Acer Swift 3 and the Dell XPS 13 4K. These results are impressive when you consider that both laptops are relatively thin. But despite the slimmer chassis of the HP Envy 13, both the screen and battery life are decent.

In the UK, HP Envy 13 is priced from PS899 (US$711) to PS1,799 (£721). The entry-level model comes with an i5 processor and has a 256GB SSD. HP UK also sells select HP models at John Lewis. The Envy 13 has several customisation options. However, it’s unlikely to be a viable option for everyone.

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