Impact of Technology on Education System during COVID-19

 Impact of Technology on Education System during COVID-19

Technology is the information of techniques, skills, or these skills or operations that can be applied on machines to perform any type of function. Today technology is ruling this whole world because today Country having more technology is the most successful Country. Though, technology can be used in wars. Therefore, these techno wars are named proxy wars. Technology can also be used for many other good purposes. Some of them are given below:

Some uses of technology

Technology has become essential as it has become a vital part of our daily lives like mobile phones, laptops etc.  We cannot even spend our day without using cell phones. Technology is not only used for wars, but it can be used for many purpose. Some of them are mentioned below.

1.      Office productivity

  • Every office contains laptop, mobile, etc. because Office software’s can be only accesses through technology like spreadsheet, wordprocessing,etc.
  • This software has completely transformed our office work.

2.      Writing processes

  • Technology has changed the way of writing; it has brought much improvement in the writing processes.
  • Rewriting is very difficult for students, but due to technology it becomes very easier
  • In addition, many university students can get information, for example, essay writing, help with dissertation and any writing they can get with the help of technology.

3.       Keeping record

  • Before technology, we used to record any data through hard copies.
  • Technology is the best option to keep the records even it is being deleted by mistake then also we can find it by uploading it on the drive.

The role of technology is not limited to above-mentioned areas. It has a role in almost every part of our lives. However, the role became much more significant when the COVID pandemic struck the world.

Role of technology during COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the overall situation of world, thanks to technology it has the improved the situation of this world. As we know, during March 2019 every school, business, and everything was shut down due to COVID. However, there are many countries that are still in the lockdown situation.

In this worse situation, health and business sectors were affected badly but now due to technology it is improving day by day. However, not only the business and health sectors, education sector have been affected more badly in this pandemic. However, Due to technology it becomes possible to continue our study without any fear.  So, in this article you will see how technology helped to continue education.

Digital tools helped to continue study

  • Digital tools like our smartphones, laptops, or any other gadgets not only helped us to spend our time during crisis but also helped us to continue our study.
  • Digitalization has given us more flexibility; it gives us dedication that is required to continue education in the face of such circumstances.

 Here you will see how technology helped us more to continue our education system.

Technology saves the education system:

Everyone is aware of today’s situation about COVID-19. It has affected every Country, including education, economy, health, etc.  However, countries with more technology have overcome this issue, although there are many countries that cannot overcome this issue just because they don’t have enough technology.

Due to shut down of institutes, students had to face quadrupled difficulties in learning. Most final year students had to face this issue. They can’t find help with the dissertation. However, some students were aware of technology usage; therefore, they easily made it according to their requirements.  Therefore, it becomes very easier for those students. Below you will see how technology impacts on our education system.

How technology impacts on education system

The education field has been revolutionized with the help of technology. Every institute has realized the importance of technology; therefore, every institute is trying to implement technology-based education. Here are some impacts of technology on the education system: how technology affected the whole education system and how it made education easier for the students.

·         Information can be easily accessible.

The application of technology has made the education system more efficient. Therefore, it is not only useful for students, but also it is beneficial for teachers. For example, Wikipedia is the source where we can access any information.

·         It enhances the interaction.

Before the awareness of technology, teachers mostly prefer to read out from books, which they hold in their hands. Then, they teach students from them, and in every minute, they turn the page. But, now this concept is not more because students don’t interact with it. So, today mostly institutes use projectors =, animated videos through which students can learn quickly, and it helps students memorize for the long term.

·         Help students to be more digitalized.

The integration of technology in the education system makes students more digitalized and help them to be prepared for this techno world. Therefore, technology has been implemented to revolutionize the education system, but it has been implemented so that students can learn more skills and utilize them on a better platform.

·         Online learning

Today everyone has experienced that how much online learning is essential. In this pandemic, everyone can get any information just by sitting at home. This is because of technology. Even today, many students prefer to learn online because online learning is more efficient than physical. There is no type of time restriction, and you can learn whenever you want; the only thing is you need an electronic device (mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.) and a good internet connection.


Technology is the tool to solve many problems related to education, health, etc. Therefore, it is reliable to say that technology has affected our whole world, including the education system, health system and many others.  It has mainly affected the way we teach students, although it also impacted the students’ learning process.  

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