Increase Your eCommerce Sales in 2021 – Top Must Considerable Platform

 Increase Your eCommerce Sales in 2021 – Top Must Considerable Platform

Currently, customers are exploring numerous platforms during their buying journey. It is high time for online businesses to focus on multiple platforms to increase their eCommerce sales.  Though there are so many platforms out there, some of them are performing outstandingly. 

Projection says, In the USA, the number of digital buyers will be over 230 million in 2021. So, as an online retailer, you must understand the potential of different sales platforms. You can win the market by utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and  Google Shopping. 

Today, sales social media is not only a place for posting content to drive attention. Social media, as well as search engine giants such as Google and Bing, have transformed. Now, these platforms are focused on converting followers into buyers. 

Let’s continue to learn about the most considerable platform to increase your eCommerce sales in 2021. 

Top Platforms to Increase eCommerce sales 

The number of online buyers is increasing as well as the eCommerce sales platforms. But not all platforms are capable enough to increase eCommerce sales effectively. We will be discussing the top platforms that are rocking the market at the moment. 


Facebook is the most popular and widely-used social media platform till now. This platform includes over 2.5 billion active monthly users in all age groups. Surprisingly, 80% of adult users are using this platform regularly. Even 40% of people born before 1945 are using this Facebook. 

From social media platforms, Facebook has grown into a huge sales channel. This robust social media and advertising platform are really beneficial for online retailers. There are many ways to increase sales via

Facebook allows you to connect with your previous site visitors and interested prospects. So, there is a better chance of customer conversion. Moreover, Facebook Marketplace can be utilized as a classified listings site. People can resell their items using this platform very quickly.

You can also create target-based ads that can be set according to interest and affiliations. Collecting leads is very easy if you are using this platform to get more customers. To gain customers’ attention, you can promote videos, images, testimonials, and many more. 

By creating a dedicated  Facebook Page for business, you can share your business information. There is an option where you can set up Facebook Shop and integrate your WooCommerce store. 

Facebook for business allows you to transfer your product feed from your WooCommerce store to Facebook. After transferring your product information, you can run ads by implementing your settings. 

All the mentioned features of this platform make it perfect for online retailers to increase their sales. 


Instagram is owned by Facebook, but it has made a separate platform identity in the marketplace. It has created enormous sales opportunities for eCommerce businesses. There are over one billion Instagram users where 59% are U.S. millennials. 

The number of female Instagram users is greater than male users. Instagram fans are basically fond of categories such as fashion, travel, food, nature, and many more. 

Retailers can utilize the image-centric nature of Instagram to increase eCommerce sales. They can tag their product image with the feature named Shoppable Instagram posts. They can also highlight the product name, price and include the purchase link. 

Both Instagram and Facebook are interlinked, so you can ride on Facebook to reach Instagram. Even without having a business profile on Instagram, you can advertise on Instagram directly. This you can transfer your website’s product feed to Instagram via Facebook. 

Instagram influencers have impacted eCommerce businesses incredibly. Influencers can grab the attention of a massive audience by posting unique and relevant content. So, a group of people interested in a particular product can be targeted. 

Retailers can increase eCommerce sales and establish their brand by partnering with famous influencers. Moreover, you can reach a product-specific audience that performs better compared to other platforms. 

If you want to express your brand identity visually, Instagram is the perfect platform. It is the perfect place for getting prospects who admire your aesthetic.


Pinterest is another image-oriented platform that has become crucial in eCommerce. This amazing platform includes over 322 million active users per month. It’s a prime platform for eCommerce retailers who want to promote products focusing on the image. 

This platform is well-known for its rich search functionality and brilliant ideas. It includes ideas on different categories such as cooking, design, fashion, and many more. It’s also an excellent resource for getting a dinner menu, vacation destination, home improvement, wedding plans, etc. 

Pinterest works more like a search engine than a social media platform. If you search for “Winter Outfits,” so many pictures of winter outfits will appear. Users can save their preferred images on “boards” and make their menus. 

If your eCommerce business is selling clothes, consider creating attractive pin images of clothes. Someone may choose your product and add the image to their wishlist for buying. 

Pinterest has become exceptionally crucial for eCommerce businesses for many reasons. People are actively using this platform to make purchase decisions. So, Retailers connected to life events can easily increase eCommerce sales of their store.   

Pinterest allows you to transfer your website’s product information via the Pinterest product catalog. It’s a great way to include your product information via product feed on Pinterest to increase eCommerce sales. 

Google Shopping 

Google Shopping has created a massive opportunity for eCommerce businesses to stand out. Between 3.5 billion search queries on Google, more than 46% of the queries are on the product. With this comparison shopping engine, the customer gets a new product discovery experience.  

Google shopping allows its customers to research products by searching them out. After finding out the product information, they can compare the price, features and connect with the sellers. So, it’s a huge opportunity for sellers to showcase their products on google to increase eCommerce sales. 

Google shopping is the most recommendable sales platform because it redirects customers to the seller’s website. Google Shopping represents ads that come with transactional searches. For example, if you search for “Men’s black suit,” a sequence of different retailers and prices are shown. 

Google Shopping exclusively collaborates with eCommerce businesses. It allows sellers to create product-specific and distinct ads. But remember one thing: Google Ads and Shopping ads are not the same. 

Google represents ads related to your product information and customers’ search query. Customers are taken to your product page by clicking the Google Shopping ads. The Ads are represented in the top position of search output. 

Google Shopping Ad portrays attractive product image, title description, retailer information, etc. All the product-related information displayed in an ad is crucial. These ads are displayed on different Google platforms, which increases conversion opportunities. 

Shopping ads basically use your Merchant Center product data and decide where to place the ads. To represent product information on Google Shopping,  transfer your product data to Google Merchant Center. After transferring the product feed to the Google merchant center, you can create shopping ads. 

Shopping ads appear on the “Shopping” tab on Google search, google search results, and google images. Google search partner websites are also applicable for displaying ads for paid listings. Moreover, you can also get the opportunity of displaying ads on Youtube, Google discovers, and Gmail. 

With all these display networks of Google, your product ads will effortlessly outshine other platforms. So, Google is indeed one of the best of the top-ranked platforms to showcase ads. 

Final Words 

Nowadays, consumers are active in different social media and business platforms. But some major platforms have become the central hub for eCommerce businesses. By utilizing the mentioned platforms, any retailer can increase eCommerce sales drastically. 

Almost any type of business can gain success out of our mentioned platforms. Without posting the same content on every platform, utilize each platform considering its specialty. Place your products on multiple platforms to expand your audience’s customer loyalty, expertise and finally increase eCommerce sales. 

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