ISUZU Day Old Chicks Truck

 ISUZU Day Old Chicks Truck

ISUZU day old chicks truck also called chick transporter,chick carrier,chicken transportation vehicle,Baby Chicks transporter,live chicks transporter,Day old chicken transportation vehicle,Chick carriage truck,Chick conveyance truck. It solves the characteristic of high or low temperature, insufficient ventilation and high mortality of general trucks by using the insulation technology of refrigerated trucks and installing ventilation and exhaust systems in the boxes.
Ventilation system

ISUZU day old chicks truck, also known as baby chick truck or live chick transport vehicle, is one of the most common farm poultry vans used for transportation of live chicken seedlings. The main features include a cooling reefer and the ability to adjust temperature freely, so that the chicks inside are kept in optimal conditions for the best possible health during their long haul across the country or across the world.

It also incorporates a number of features designed to make it a joy to use and ensure that your chicks get the most out of their journey. This includes multiple temperature sensors that can be programmed to display temperature data on the cab’s multi-function touchscreen, and an intelligent ventilation system that allows the driver to control airflow throughout the vehicle in order to keep humidity levels low and temperatures high.

The top of the van body is adorned with several electronic ventilator fans and a series of windows (according to van length) that provide excellent ventilation. Moreover, the middle insulation layer is a 8cm thick polyurethane foam that boasts an impressive thermal capacity. This enables the day old chicks truck to have one of the most technologically advanced ventilation systems in the industry.
Refrigeration system

During transport, the temperature of one day chicks is very important. Therefore, the ISUZU day old chicks truck is equipped with a climate system. It is computer controlled with an HMI touchscreen to control the set points for temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels. This allows for more accurate and dependable transportation, reducing the risk of contamination in the cargo.

The refrigeration system of ISUZU day old chicks trucks is designed to maintain a stable and comfortable temperature, while also providing sufficient ventilation. The van body is insulated using FRP materials and the middle insulation layer uses high-quality 80mm PU foam sheets. This insulation is extremely effective in regulating temperatures, especially during long periods of transport.

In addition to refrigeration, the ISUZU day old chicks transporter truck also includes a heating system. This is beneficial to poultry breeders as the heat improves the survival rate of chicken seedlings during transport.

To maintain an optimal temperature in the interior of the vehicle, ISUZU day old chicks transportation trucks include a blind window, electric fans, hot and cold air aisles, front air inlets, etc. The refrigeration unit is a compressor and can be powered by an AuraGen battery pack to allow the truck to continue running even when its engine is not operating.

This system reduces energy consumption and helps save money in the long run by lowering operational costs and fuel consumption. The battery can be recharged with a generator, which ensures the unit has ample power when needed.

The ISUZU day old chicks carrier truck is also equipped with an oxygen-offering system, which can provide enough oxygen to the hatched chicks in the transport vehicle. There are several electronic ventilator fans on the top of the van, which can offer adequate ventilation. The ventilation system can be adjusted to accommodate the length of the insulated van.

This truck also features a number of sensors, including temperature and oxygen sensors, that can help keep track of the health and wellbeing of the hatched chicks in the vehicle. This will aid farmers and retailers in ensuring the best possible outcome from their transport trips, which will ultimately improve their profitability.
Heating system

A temperature control system for the transport of chicken seedlings was installed in the ISUZU day old chicks truck. It uses the insulation technology of refrigerated trucks, and combines it with ventilation and exhaust systems in each box. This heating system greatly improves the survival rate of transported chicken seedlings and duck seedlings.

The heating system is mounted in the front of the van body, and it is able to maintain the internal temperature at 1020 degrees Celsius. It is made of FRP inside and outside plates, and PU foam insulation material in the middle, which is strong enough to withstand high-speed transport. It is a good tool to ensure the quality of transportation and reduce transporting costs.

There are several electronic ventilator fans (according to the length of the insulation van) on the top, and there are slidable windows on the left-right sides, which keep air ventilated and offer enough oxygen for the chicks/ducks/gooses in the van. It is a safe and reliable transport vehicle, and has been exported to many countries worldwide.

In addition, the ISUZU day old chicks transporter has a cooling reefer, which is adjusted to cool down the temperature when it comes in contact with the cold road, so that the one-day chicks do not get too cold or hot during transportation. A powerful generator and battery make riskless operation possible. The system also features a built-in display that can show the actual temperature and humidity, as well as alarms to alert when the set temperatures are reached. The unit can also be connected to Heering Link, which allows the user to monitor their one-day chicks during transport. This telemetry solution offers insightful data, which can be used to enhance the efficiency of transportation trips in the future.
Loading capacity

ISUZU day old chicks truck, also known as the veit 3D, is a highly engineered vehicle that solves the challenges of transporting livestock and poultry seedlings. It is a high-tech, low maintenance vehicle that boasts numerous features and innovations like a geothermal heating and cooling system that can maintain the proper temperature throughout the cargo compartment.

VEIT’s impressive 3D technology also includes computerized multi-zone temperature sensors and an acoustic and visual alerting system that will notify you when your load is on the verge of disaster. In addition, the VEIT 3D is equipped with a number of other features that make it the best option for professional transportation of live chicks.

The VEIT 3D is the largest truck on the market that can hold a load of live chicks. It is a top-of-the-line product designed and manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd., which has been serving customers around the world for 17 years. With the aid of its advanced technologies, the VEIT 3D is the best choice for professional transport of live chicks in the crowded marketplace.


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