Jars of Fears – How to Empower Your Pupils to Cope With Terrorism

 Jars of Fears – How to Empower Your Pupils to Cope With Terrorism

Jars of fears is a visual way to measure a pupil’s fear level and teach coping strategies. The jars of fear worksheet is available in two- and four-colour variations. You can use one jar for one phobia or many to help your pupils cope with different kinds of fear. It is also useful to keep track of the fears of a group of pupils. The worksheet can be adapted to cater to a range of levels and abilities.

The original book was published in 2002, and is based on the true story of Colombian hostage Kathy Martinez. The FARC terrorist organisation held Martinez hostage in 2002. The FARC group was responsible for the kidnapping of more than 200 people. In addition, they had a series of other victims, including the American teenager Michael Jackson. The author used her own experiences as a survivor to create a powerful book for children and young people who were frightened of terrorism and violence.

In Colombia, the terrorist organisation FARC held the hostage Kathy Martinez for almost six months. The terrorist organisation escaped, but Martinez was unable to. Her family was harmed. The FARC released her, and Kathy Martinez is still missing. The book is a powerful tool in empowering children to confront their fears. But how can we cope with terrorism? It’s up to us. And it is our job to help them.

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