MediaFront – An Open Source Front End Media Solution For the Web

 MediaFront – An Open Source Front End Media Solution For the Web

MediaFront is an open source (GPLv3) front end media solution for the web. This Drupal module provides a very intuitive interface that allows website administrators to customize the media experience without writing any code, and integrates with 3rd party media players to playback rich media. It includes two media player solutions, the Open Standard Media (OSM) Player and a plugin based minimalistic media player known as minPlayer.
MediaFront is an open source (GPLv3) front end media solution for the web. is an open source (GPLv3) front end media solution for the web. It integrates with popular content management systems and uses an innovative and intuitive interface that allows any website administrator to completely customize the front end media experience for their users without writing any code.

This module comes with two media player solutions: jPlayer, a java script library for rapid weaving of audio and video; and Tubular, a lightweight flash player component that supports playback of You Tube videos. The jPlayer module is completely customizable, skinnable and supports cross browser compatibility.

The tubular component supports resizable playback, progressive downloading, solid streming, long play features, playlists and fullscreen mode. It also includes loading status feedback and mouse wheel support for Seeking/Volumn Control.

It can be used as a standalone player or integrated into the complete MediaFront video platform. It also supports YouTube and Vimeo. Its video engine is real-time delivering content to millions in 0.5 seconds latency.
It is a Drupal module

The MediaFront module is a front end media solution for Drupal that employs an innovative and intuitive administration interface. It also provides an interface to which 3rd party media players can integrate and utilize preset settings to display rich media.

Version 2.x of the MediaFront module has undergone a major refactor to simplify how the Media player selects the appropriate media for playback. It is highly recommended for all 1.x installations to upgrade to this new version.

There is a cross-site scripting vulnerability with this module that allows remote authenticated users to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the preset settings. This may be exploited to steal cookie-based authentication credentials or launch other attacks.

This is a security issue that can be fixed by patching the MediaFront module to address this vulnerability. The School of Arts and Sciences Information Security and Unix Systems (ISUS) regularly audits Drupal modules for secure coding guidelines and common vulnerabilities such as Cross Site Scripting, SQL injection, authentication bypass, remote code execution, file inclusion and information disclosure.
It is a media player

The MediaFront platform has a few modules, but the one that stands out is our Open Standard Media Player (OSM), which is an industry changing, open source media player designed to deliver any type of web media. It features an Object Oriented plugin mechanism, which allows you to control everything from media size and encoding to playback speed and video resolution.

It also has a few other cool things going for it, including HTML5 content delivery with a funky Flash fallback for non-standard media. This module is an industry first and the best way to show off your latest video production.

The MediaFront module is a great way to show off your media with HTML5 and a fancy jQuery player that will display the best possible media. The module was also able to show off the most impressive features in an innovative and intuitive administration interface that allows you to completely customize your front end media experience without writing any code!
It is a video platform

The MediaFront video platform is an easy-to-use and fast way to deliver content worldwide. It allows you to quickly and safely broadcast videos, ensuring they have the highest quality and excellent performance. It also provides convenient storage and conversion of video files.

Whether you need to add an online video to your website, or you want to create and manage a streaming channel, the MediaFront platform has everything you need to do it. It’s easy to use and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In today’s world, video is one of the most effective ways to communicate with people. Whether you’re trying to reach a new audience or just stay in touch with the ones you have, videos are an efficient and cost-effective way to do it.

The MediaFront video platform is a powerful solution that can help you increase sales, boost your website traffic, and build brand awareness. Contact the team at MediaFront today to learn more about their services.

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