Meet 3 Brazilian psychic’s who hit prophecies

 Meet 3 Brazilian psychic’s who hit prophecies

Brazil, although changing a little in the last decades, has always been a country full of mysticism. Much of this is due to ancestral cults coming from Africa or slaves or even perpetuated with indigenous peoples. However, when we talk in psychic’s, we cannot forget that much of the tradition of Europe and also of the East. Thus, with such an intense mystical culture, it was to be expected that the country would also form great seers. Here, in this article, you will meet some of the top names.

Robério de Ogum

Robério de Ogunhad intense contacts with religion early on. From two Franciscan friends, that God is a faithful and close friend. At the age of six he had an accident and it was the first time he saw the figure of an orixá in front of him, this would be Ogun.

The seer is much sought after even by celebrities such as political football coaches.

Among some of their striking differences that came to fruition was the death of two comedians in 2013. Really especially the world Paulo Silvino and Jerry Lewis.

Also in 2013, he predicted the victory of the National Team in the Confederations Cup.

Mãe  Dinah

Born in 1930, Benedicta Finazza, popularly known as Mother Dináh, who was already well-known and frequently participated in television programs, achieved great notoriety in the mid-nineties.

This happened after she, during a report on TV Globo’s Fantástico program, asked the Mamonas Assassinas musical band to avoid flying in the days that followed.

The members of the musical ensemble, with a meteoric career, with their usual irreverence, made fun of the forecast, even drying their clothes in the plane’s turbine.

But the story would have a dramatic end, as the plane with all the group’s musicians would crash the next day, leaving no survivors.

Another of the hits was in 1993, when doing Gugu Liberato’s program, on SBT, warning that Formula 1 pilot Ayrton Senna should be careful. Some time later, the sports idol died during a race in Monaco.

Athos Salomé

Athos Salomé  is the youngest among the members of this list, he is 35 years old and was born in Claudio, a small town in Minas Gerais.

Athos is like a point outside the curve. He does a style quite different from what one usually sees when talking about mystics. No fancy clothes or robes, nothing too colorful. Don’t think he does the dark style either.

In general, the psychic seems to like to keep a normal and discreet look in line with fashion, of which he understands, since he was once a model scouter.

But the question of style does not stop with looks. Athos, who is a parapsychologist and adept of the Kabbalah, has recently been compared to the great seer Nostradamus, partly because of his successes, but also because of the symbolic style he uses in his predictions.

Among Athos Salome’s predictions was a pandemic of COVID-19. The paranormal man would have made his first prediction about the virus as early as 2012, 8 years in advance.

On 3/28/2021 the Brazilian said:

“The King and the Angel of Death come from the West of the underworld, asking for attention to the Western Hemisphere, especially to the continents of Europe, Africa and Antarctica, of course, you cannot forget America. Huge conspiracies, misery, crimes, innocent deaths, innocent people being convicted and tried, paying a high price due to the recklessness and wickedness of others, what we are already experiencing will be worse. The next years – 2023, 2024, and 2026 will be the worst related to the wickedness of human beings.”

Described by the seer, in October 2021 the Covid truce began, and the world began a new phase with fewer cases in January 2022. In his complete manuscripts in Portuguese, he reported the new Ômicron variant and even said to pay attention to Africa, in November 2021 the variant was discovered in the country.

Added to this is the prediction of the exact day of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Image Instagram 04/01

February 20, 2022:

– Putin and Lukashenko’s go against Moscow’s earlier promised decision.

– Tension between Ukraine and Russia; preparing for attack, war begins.

– Cyber War: US blames Russia for hacking Ukraine’s banks.

February 22, 2022:

– The Russian Senate approved sending Russian troops to separatist regions in Ukraine.

Apparently it got it right, for exactly 44 days after the post, Russia began its invasion of the neighboring country.

“Moreover, also before the United Nations divisions began, causing significant losses in the stock market and agreements between countries.”

Stocks fall after Russia launches attacks on Ukraine – February and March 2022.

Russia is isolated in the United Nations Security Council – April 2022.

In the same list of predictions, Paranormal highlights:

Don’t be alarmed when you notice and that robot soldiers are being prepared for war, humans will be replaced by those who are controlled by us. Today we can see that technology is capable of a lot of things, from a simple delivery to the death of someone. Used in the sky, at sea and on land. Lethal autonomous weapons are already used by dozens of nations and no one cares, they are weapons that can be stealth drones or missile launchers.

Another 2022 hit, in February, March and April, several news portals warned that the greatest contemporary military threat will come from robotic artificial intelligence, drones and could be much worse than in Ukraine, i.e., the warning for World War III as described by the medium.

In his twitter he wrote a new prediction where he says that a leader would be born between “22, 44 and/or 66” and that he will “remove from the scene part of those not in favor of his decisions”!

Image Instagram 10/01

All recorded in his social networks and in several portals on March 30, 2021.

Well, with all these psychics, we can say that Brazil is not abandoned by the mystical forces. However, it is also worth mentioning a message that these three seers have in common: “that of love and fraternity, and of this, yes, we need much more.

The Brazilian with over 93% success rate in his prophecies becomes his country’s first and youngest paranormal investigator.

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