Muneer Lyati, A mechanical Engineer in Saudi Arabia, got his Bachelor degree from Jeddah College of technology. 

 Muneer Lyati, A mechanical Engineer in Saudi Arabia, got his Bachelor degree from Jeddah College of technology. 

Mecca, Saud Arabia (August 27, 2021): Muneer Majahed Lyati is a successful mechanical engineer who plays an essential role in advancing the automotive industry. Due to his expertise in engines and vehicles, the trained engineer has effectively trained fresher’s keen on a comparative profession.


Muneer Lyati is an excellent mechanical engineer who transforms the car business. Because of his experience in vehicles, the trained engineer has had the option to train fresher’s too keen on a comparative profession effectively. 

Muneer Lyati has completed his Bachelor degree from Jeddah College of technology as a Mechanical Engineer. The car business especially inspired him. He accomplished massive acclaim in his 20s and flourished in the area because of his dumbfounding technical information, range of abilities and high GPA .

When he was studying in the school, Lyati worked as the secretary of the Engineering Student Association. His undertakings as a secretary included noticing during the time of the gathering and composing reminders. 

During his schooling, he in like manner took various courses, including English Courses and handling capacities. He similarly took getting ready for firefighting, divemaster, OSH master, and IOSH the executives.

Muneer Lyati has a height of 1.64m. He gives a lot of his contribution to the automotive industry. His interested fields in Mechanical Engineering is automotive, engines and vehicles.

The Hybrid Bayesian network in Hybrid Electric Vehicles was one of his most significant achievements (HEV). Wasteful arrangements are said to hinder the vehicle’s performance while likewise disturbing work and social collaboration. The design and vehicle control are likewise talked about in the Hybrid Electric Vehicle study. When compared to other past technology regular cars, these vehicles can save fuel.

Muneer Lyati has led his research on hybrid electric vehicles. His insight and comprehension, combined with his vehicle ability, have permitted him to delve further into electric cars. He worked hard to learn how hybrid vehicles reduced the cost of fuel, which is a significant reason people buy these cars. 

Muneer is a social person, and he loves to engage others. Due to this personality, he is well known in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian continent. He can satisfy his clients because of his phenomenal influence abilities. Many customers were satisfied with the data provided by Muneer and were prepared to complete the transaction. His engines and products have all been tested and are exposed to quality.  

Muneer Lyati has been able to fulfil his objectives because of his individuality and hard work. He has accumulated a great deal of skill and prepared various understudies throughout his ten years in the field. He respects how data has no age limit and that learning and growing new capacities have no limits. He means to assemble his disconnected store before long, which will be reported on his site, where he will likewise declare his impending advancements. 

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