New Pokemon Snaps Review – A First Impressions Guide

 New Pokemon Snaps Review – A First Impressions Guide

New Pokemon Snap

Today’s release of New Pokemon Snap took us by complete surprise and we couldn’t contain the joy when we saw it, played it and got to see what the developers have done. It looks like the makers have listened to the complaints about the old games, which were quite negative in our view. The new game has so many great features and we’re sure you will love them as well. When we played the game, it did not take us long to realize that we are in for a real treat. No, not a traditional Pokemon game, but an innovative and fresh one, we are sure you will enjoy it.

You can choose between six different species of Pokemon, each with their own skills and weaknesses. We saw that with the six chosen, you could customize your Trainer to be more or less effective, depending on the situation. That makes the game quite interesting because there is no way you can predict what the situation will be, and you’d say that’s the beauty of it – there is no way to play the game. You just have to learn the way to win.

We didn’t get to see how it would be to play the other version, but from what we’ve seen, they looked very nice. The graphics are not anything special but they are certainly pretty. They could use a bit more work, though, like better animations, but they have come a long way from the early versions. The music is subtle yet pleasing and helps set the tone for the whole game.

In this New Pokemon Snap review, we’ll give a brief overview of the story and see if it lives up to expectations. Of course, we haven’t got to talk about any of the battle and leveling systems which were interesting enough. There was one particular puzzle that we had trouble with and that was the ‘New Mystery Island’ challenge. It’s a good one, but it’s not as challenging as some of the others. Overall, it’s easy to complete in a short amount of time.

That takes us to one of the biggest features of this game – the multi-player. If you have friends who’ve played the game before or even if you haven’t, it’s definitely worth trying out. There are many different settings, and it’s easy to create a challenge for all of your friends. They can split up into teams and take on one opponent at a time. For those who are on their second or third try, this is definitely one of the best games to start off with.

In our New Pokemon Snap review, we’re not even going to touch upon the battles. As has been mentioned, they are quite simple, but we’ll assume that you’ve already played that version. The one big feature that this game really needs to have is a tutorial mode where it teaches you the basics so you don’t get lost. This is perhaps one of the most important features, especially now that we’ve spent so much time talking about how easy and fun it is!

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