Plan Nikah & Valima Event With Bukhara Royale In Rawalpindi

 Plan Nikah & Valima Event With Bukhara Royale In Rawalpindi

People don’t seem to have many opportunities to escape from the monotony of daily life other than weddings. Most people lack the intelligence to manage everything within their budget. Some people feel that their wedding will be one of their biggest life expenses. In Islam, there are just two main wedding events; Nikah and Valima. We’ll plan these events at the Bukhara Royale marquee in Rawalpindi within your predetermined price range. Talk to us about your plan. We’ll work with you to make your nikah and valima ceremony special.

Nikah Ceremony

A Pakistani wedding is not complete without the nikkah ceremony. It is made compulsory in Islam. The official marriage contract between the bride and husband is signed in the nikah. At least two witnesses from each side must be present at the nikkah ceremony. Typically people arrange the Nikah event at mosques. Couples choose to invite only their closest family members and friends. Some people prefer to have a grand event in the marquees. Bukhara Royale marquee in Rawalpindi is highly motivated to help you achieve your wedding dreams.

Valima Ceremony

Walima is the last wedding celebration in Pakistan. Islam necessitates it. The family of the groom plans the reception. Typically, people keep their decor simple. They use flowers to decorate the venue. People favour soft, low-key music. People dress in formal attire. Men like suits, while women dress elegantly in light colours and exquisite jewellery. Valima is a formal celebration of the couple’s togetherness after the wedding. It celebrates the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the newlyweds. It is customary to extend invitations to both the bride’s and the groom’s families. On this special day, the bride and groom make their first public entrance as a married couple. There will be delicious food, live music, DJs, and floral decorations at the Walima reception.

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