Product spotlight – The United States Army in Vietnam

 Product spotlight – The United States Army in Vietnam


This Product Spotlight looks at the tabletop wargame, Hero Forge. The game has been out of print for some time, but it has just recently been brought back from the grave and is available as a tabletop war game download. In the Product Spotlight, I review the game and what you should expect when you pick it up. It also goes over the game play and what you should expect from a war game set in the modern day with a modern day setting. If you like tactical wargames, like myself, this is a must read.

Product Spotlight Hero Forge Review

If you haven’t heard of the game, Hero Forge is the name of a very popular game that is sometimes referred to as the mod-verse’s heir apparent to Warhammer Online, and it is a stand-alone, narrative-driven wargame that take place in a modern day environment. Unlike other games of this type that tend to be more action based, this one is all about the narrative. There are a few different paths to take in the game and each path has its own narrative and storyline to follow. It is a truly modern day story and if you enjoy story-driven games then this is definitely worth checking out. I’ll discuss my thoughts on it in this Product Spotlight.

One of the things I really like about Hero Forge is the miniature figures included in the game sets. There are several different types of miniatures, which I’ll go over below. You can get small resin miniatures, which are great if you want to paint them yourself or you can get larger plastic miniatures that are great if you are assembling your own unit lists and building your historical points of interest. They come with their own paint sets and can generally be painted with the same type of paint as the miniatures without the paint matching.

There are a couple of difference sets, although the sets are the same concept – you have historically realistic units to take part in the game. The German and Russian factions each have their own specific sets to play with and they are not cross-compatible. However, the Japanese do share a set called the Special Forces and are very similar to the German and Russian units. Each of the faction has their own flag and emblem as well.

The dice system in the game is pretty standard. Each die represents a unit that is played on the battlefield. When you roll the dice they will result in either a hit or miss. If a hit is rolled then the unit is damaged and must rest or get re-rolled. Miss results in no damage being inflicted and the unit keeps its movement form the last roll.

As you might expect, there are some additional rules to the game, but they are not difficult to learn or understand. The rules in the game to make the game easier to play and keep track of so you can quickly move on to other actions and continue your narrative. One of the best things about the game is that it is not one that gets old because you grow tired of one side doing well. The game never ends and you will be enthralled at how well you played because you are involved throughout it in DND.

Product spotlight is one of the most creative wargame games out there and it is one that is easy to play and are also full of story. It is not a game where you sit back and relax and expect magic to happen. It is more than that, it is more of an interactive experience that keeps you engaged With Hero Forge.

If you enjoy playing games that offer good replay value and give you choices that can impact the outcome of the game, then you should like Product Spotlight: The United States Army in Vietnam. You will love all of the different scenarios that are played out. You will also love the little stories that pop up throughout the course of the game. This game is not just a numbers game, but it is also more than that. You are allowed to add your own personality to the characters and this will bring life to every character that you play. If you are a fan of history, a fan of war games, or simply like to tell stories, this is a great game to play.

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