Products For HOWO Sewage Tanker

 Products For HOWO Sewage Tanker

Having a sewage tanker is a necessity if you live in a town or a city that is a hotspot for pollution. This is due to the fact that it can help you clean up the environment and protect your health and safety. Aside from that, it is also a very cost-effective and reliable option. Luckily, there are several types of sewage tankers that you can choose from. You will just have to find the one that suits your needs.

Amongst the plethora of sewage tanker vehicles available in the market, there is a new entrant in the race – the septic tanker. The septic tanker, as the name suggests, is a specialized sewage truck, that is designed to perform the job of collecting, transporting and filtering liquid goods. The sewage tanker also has other features such as a water separator and an oil and gas separator. Its fecal tank, the fecal level indicator and the multi-way valve are also standard features. It has a wheelbase of 3300mm and a traction power of 110 horsepower, which is enough to drive it around town.

Generally, a sewage tanker is a vehicle with high vacuum that can suction liquid and sludge. They can be used to collect liquids, transport sludge, and pump sewage water from a sewage pit. They can also be used to clean underground sewage pipes. They can be shipped in a container or ro-ro. They can be used for fire fighting as well. A sewage tanker can be used in a wide range of environments. Whether you are working for a government agency, a utility company, or a private business, a sewage tanker can help you with your work.

The sewage tanker is an efficient tool for cleaning and dredging sewage pipes. It has a high vacuum and can dump directly from the rear lid of the tank. They can also be used for water transport and sediment dredging. They can also be used for fire fighting and industrial drainage pipe cleaning.
Sinotruk products

Whether you need a septic tanker for collecting sewage sludge or for transportation of waste, Sinotruk products for HOWO sewage tanker can be a reliable choice. These vehicles have a tank capacity of 5000 liters and can be customized to fit your needs. This vehicle has a tank body made of 6mm thick carbon steel plate, a sight window, and an overflow valve. It has a vacuum suction pump and a lift of 7-10 meters.

The SINOTRUK howo 14CBM vacuum sewage suction tanker truck has two seats and an air conditioner. The tanker is hydraulically tillable at the front, and it has an electronic program controller. It can be used for non-corrosive waste, municipal solid waste, and commercial waste. It also has an oil and gas separator, a fecal tank, and a water separator. The vehicle is also available in factory. It is used for dredging mud ditch dead and cleaning industrial drainage pipe.

It is designed for fast working speed, and can be used to avoid the cost of buying a new sanitation vehicle. SINOTRUK products for HOWO sewage tanker can also be used for fire fighting and water transport. Aside from the sewage suction truck, the company also has water/oil trucks and concrete mixer trucks.

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