Returnal Review

 Returnal Review

Returnal Review

One thing that I’ve been really excited about since I announced that I was creating a roguelike game based on Plants Vs. Zombies was the Returnal Review. The Returnal Review is a weekly article that I do for each new game I develop. In this case, I’m using Plants Vs. Zombies. It’s an awesome game, and I think anyone who plays it will get a kick out of the return element.

The Returnal has actually started after I’ve finished the game. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the new levels and the mini-games, and the Returnal Review gave me the idea to improve the game even more. I added some more keys on my keyboard and mouse, added new plants and enhanced the ps5 roguelike elements.

Here’s one of the new additions to the game: the bullet-hell. Basically, it’s a ghostly version of a mushroom. It can fly, attack enemies and explode upon contact. When you press the alt key, it will send the bullet-hell flying forward. It can be used in rest mode, where it will slow down your enemies and let you get more rounds in before heading back to the battle.

There’s another exciting addition to the game, too. You can now play mini-games within the game! These mini-games are split up into different tiles and are very easy to play, but they’re also filled with fun. For instance, one game has you defending the castle while it’s being attacked by a giant worm, another has you hunting zombies with a shotgun, and the last one has you going on a wild goose hunt.

Now, you might think that I’m cheating when I say that I’ll be playing more rounds of each game, but each game has only nine levels. So you can’t play them all! And even if you did, you still wouldn’t be able to complete them all! That’s why I really recommend you jump in and play as much as you can with each one. They are all great games that have great sound effects.

All in all, this game is perfect for people who are new to the genre. Even if you have played similar games before (like, say, Plants v. Zombies or Diner Dash), you will never run out of ideas to play with or against. The controls are very easy to understand, the graphics are pretty and the music is catchy. The game is available in a bundle with the game disc, a special gun and four extra controllers, meaning you get everything you need to get started in just one package. If you like Plants Vs Zombies, then you’ll love Returnal Review: SpongeBob Squig Wars!

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