Stench Shocking and Other Facts

 Stench Shocking and Other Facts

For generations the lump is at the forefront of British royalty. Known as a magical, powerful bird, flumphs were often carried in the pockets of royals as a potent talisman or a symbol of power. Flumphs are a magical bird, representing the spirit world. They are known as the carrier of lore for many of our traditions. Today flumphs are used as a carrier of healing energy, representing the physical world we live in.

To bring these powerful flumps of mental energies to fruition many people choose to learn the art of flumph casting. The art of flumph casting involves focusing positive mental energies on the recipient and causing them to bat their wings, fluff their feathers, and emit negative mental energies into the environment. This is done to manipulate the various creatures of the five realms. This type of soul searching is a powerful practice that can be very effective if used correctly.

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Some creatures of the realms are quite wary of telepathic communication. When a person casts a lump 5e telepathic spell, they often experience a change in demeanor and an increase in protective energy. This often makes the creature more amenable to accepting the telepathic messages they are being offered. In some cases the healer might find themselves in a life-or-death struggle with the entity, but the use of flumph 5e telepathy often allows them to prevail. Telepathic spells can also be cast on others to increase their own strength of will, resistance, and fortitude.

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Telepathic communication can be cast on all lawful good creatures including unicorns, hyenas, satyr, wyverns, hobgoblins, ogres, minotaurs, and trollbears. The target must take a successful concentration check against a single fear or phobia associated with the telepathic message. They cannot be hypnotized by normal means, and the caster’s willpower is crucial. Once the telepathic message has been accepted by the subject, the creature must make a successful Charisma check against the charisma score of the caster to see if it manifests any emotions of friendship or hate toward the target.

The flumph 5e is a powerful weapon for anyone wishing to dominate their opponents mentally. These creatures are the absolute masters of mental energies and can summon forth overwhelming amounts of mental energy to crush their opposition. They use this power to crush their enemies or to rally their friends or allies. If this mental energy is allowed to rise beyond reasonable limits, then the creature can do terrible things. They can also cause great destruction and mental unrest.

To use the flumph 5e, a telepathic caster must make a DC 10 saving throw against a DC 25 nature protection from magic. On a successful save, the creature is partially unaffected by the attack. If the saving throw fails, the telepathic creature must make a second DC 10 saving throw against the same nature protection. On a successful save, the creature is immune to the effect of the attack.

Common lumps include green, brown, and black. Some of these creatures are large, such as Gargoyles, and others are small. Tiny lumps can be found among the roots of trees in moist environments, while larger flumphs dwell in mountainous regions. The name “flumph” comes from “fowl” and “smelly”. Some varieties have scales, while others lack any scales, making them look more like insects.

The save against stench spray is made because these creatures often produce a stench when threatened or attacked. On a failed saving throw against the stench, the creature must make a second DC 10 save against that same stench in order to avoid becoming distracted. On a success, the creature is not distracted, but may become confused and unable to action for a number of minutes as a consequence of being confused.

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