The Benefits of the B17 Vitamin

 The Benefits of the B17 Vitamin

B17 vitamin is an essential nutrient, found naturally in over one thousand different foods. It can also be found in the seeds of many nuts and fruits. In the US, it is extracted from apricot seeds and used as a dietary supplement. It should be taken with a meal. Its natural ingredients include magnesium stearate and hydroxypropyl methycellulose. It is also available as a dietary supplement in a vegetable capsule.

Studies have shown that dietary supplements of the B17 vitamin have several benefits, ranging from increased white blood cell count to bolstered immune systems. Several other vitamins and nutrients also contribute to better overall health, and B17 is no different. A medley of nuts and fruits is a great way to incorporate B17 into your daily diet. A medley of grains and oats are another source of the vitamin, and you can substitute these foods with others for a more nutritious meal. Incorporate these grains into your cereal, cookies, and granola bars.

One of the benefits of Vitamin B17 is its ability to fight cancer. It is believed to cause cancer cells to die a process known as apoptosis. Cancerous cells lack the enzyme rhodanese, which is necessary for apoptosis to take place. Furthermore, vitamin B17 increases the number of white blood cells in your body, which is the primary defense against bacteria and viruses. Some of these white blood cells can attack cancer cells directly.

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