The Best Way to Convert Gmail To PST Effectively

 The Best Way to Convert Gmail To PST Effectively

The latest Google tools now allow for easy conversion of Gmail to PST format. The first step is to download and install the Google Tool. Once installed, the tool will be used to create and save the Google email account. Next, the Gmail to PST convertor tool needs to be downloaded from the Google website. After that, all that remains is to enter the Gmail email message id in the ‘create a new email’ page. The next step is to click on ‘next’.

When a user clicks on ‘next’, the application allows him to choose from two options. The first option is to import the entire folder of messages into the specified folder. The second option is to create a new folder. The next step in the Gmail backup tool conversion process is to select ‘import folder’ to bring the whole Gmail email account folder.

This is how Google’s new ’email to PST’ application helps the user convert gmail email data to PST format. The import and save option allows the conversion to happen in a short time. This is because it does not use hardlinks. The process takes much less time when it converts the folder because the folders are opened directly instead of referring to a hardlink. In fact, this is the reason why Google has reduced the time taken in exporting and importing messages when using this tool.

The ‘import and save’ function on Google Tool offers two modes. In one mode, all mails that are imported will be saved in a folder on the local computer. In the other mode, only email attachments or gmail mailbox data are imported. Since this is the main feature of the migration process, it is highly recommended that a computer which is not connected to the internet is used for this operation.

Converting gmail to PST is a simple and effective procedure. It can also be done while on the’mailto’ connection. This means that all emails can be sent from the Mac to the PC using the same tool as the iPhone to PST conversion. All this is possible because of the cross-platform compatibility of the Google tools with different email servers.

Since it is faster and easier to convert emails when using Google tools for exporting and importing them, it is recommended that the users select the correct option for converting their emails to PST format. A computer which is not on the internet cannot read the emails that are imported using this method. For this reason, it is necessary to select the gmail export and import application that is best suited for your computer. Google is one of the largest providers of this tool so it is always advisable to get it in order to convert the email into a PST file. Converting gmail to PST is highly beneficial for the business people who constantly receive and send large number of emails to their clients.

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