The Kings Of Joburg Season Two Begins With The Leadership Of Connie Ferguson

 The Kings Of Joburg Season Two Begins With The Leadership Of Connie Ferguson

The Kings Of Joburg Season Two Begins With The Leadership Of Connie Ferguson

Connie Ferguson

The second season of The Kings Of Joburg has finally arrived! Fans have been eagerly awaiting the new episodes. Fans of the show shared encouraging messages for Shona on social media. She and her husband Connie Ferguson were married in 2001 and were beloved on screen. Here is a look at what to expect in season two of The Kings Of Joburg!

KOJ season one was filled with some of South Africa’s finest acting talent. Shona Ferguson played the lead role of Simon Vader Masire and acted with Thembi Seete, Cindy Mahlangu, SK Khoza, and Tsholofelo Matshaba. Tsholofelo Matshaba is currently on the hit show Rakgadi, while Abdul Khoza plays Nqoba on Hlomu’s The Wife.

The show is a crime drama that follows the Masire brothers, Simon “Vader” and Mogomotsi “Mo” Masire. The older brother, Simon, manages the underground world with an iron-clenched hand, while the younger brother, Mogomotsi “Mo,” is the fearsome substance on the wrongdoing scene.

The leadership of Connie Ferguson was greeted warmly by local celebrities. The opulent celebrity residence of Connie Ferguson was the setting for the event, which was themed “black tie.” She also said she was happy to hear from local filmmakers. The Kings of Joburg Season 2 begins with the leadership of Connie Ferguson and the crew of the production company. The drama’s cast also welcomed Ferguson and her entourage with a dinner in the Meikles Hotel.

A new series, Kings Of Joburg, has begun streaming on Netflix. The cast includes Shona Ferguson, who plays Simon and executive produces the show. Ferguson will also play a spiritual guide known as “Mermaid” in later episodes. The series will showcase different neighborhoods of Johannesburg, with an element of the mystical. Moreover, there will be traditional tales woven in with the drama.

Shona Ferguson

Fans are awaiting the start of The Kings Of Joburg Season 2 with bated breath. The critically acclaimed drama has been widely acclaimed and received a warm response from viewers. The crime drama’s criminal mysticism, gangster themes, and an all-African cast have kept viewers engaged. With Season 2 just a few days away, fans are awaiting the show’s return to TV screens.

Previously, it was revealed that season 2 of Kings of Johannesburg would start on April 12. Shona Ferguson, a co-founder of Ferguson Films, announced the news about the show’s return in an Instagram post. She shared a photo of herself and her girlfriend, Alicia, in a Lamborghini. She also made fun of Shona’s “farts” and revealed that the production was underway.

Fans were also saddened to learn that Shona Ferguson, the lead character of Kings of Joburg, had passed away. The late actor had married her wife, Connie, in 2001. She was an admired couple on the screen. Shona Ferguson’s death is the biggest shock for fans of the acclaimed series. This tragic news has sparked speculation about the show’s future and its stars.

In season 2, Simon “Vader” Masire and his younger brother, Mo, will try to reclaim their family’s fortune. Both brothers are members of the Kings of Joburg gang and will be vying for the city’s crown. Mo will try to avoid police intervention to save his younger brother. The show is set in Johannesburg and has been called one of the best dramas on television this year.

The Royals Of Joburg Season 2 cast

The first season of The Royals Of Joburg was a huge hit. The story follows two brothers who rise to the top of the Joburg criminal underworld and become the most powerful men in the city. Simon Masire is the unchallenged underworld king, and his brother Mo is the former crime lord. While Mo risked his life to save his brother, his martyrdom went unreported. Now, the brothers’ criminal empire is threatened by a mystical curse and a treacherous act of betrayal.

Actress Christall Kay (Sting) is an intriguing addition to the cast. She is a Durban native balancing an opulent lifestyle with raising her son while working on her bubbling pop career. Her debut single, “Wonder,” has been accompanied by new visuals, and her upcoming second season promises to be even more exciting. The series has become an enormous hit and has attracted fans from all walks of life.

The Kings of Joburg Season 2 cast has been announced, and most of the original cast members will return for season two. No new cast members have been announced, but the following cast members will return for the second season: Sello Sebotsane as Stan Mazibuko, Tk Sebothoma as Tlotlo Masire, Connie Ferguson as Masire Mermaid, Buhle Samuels as Angela Masire, and Tsholofelo Matshaba as Jazmine Gumede.

The second season of “Kings Of Joburg” will feature two brothers, Simon Masire and Mo Masire. Simon is firmly ruling the underworld while Mo is running from his past. Mo almost sacrificed himself to protect his brother but was left in prison with little regard for his own life. This episode is set in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the writers hope that Season 2 will be just as good.

Trailer for Kings of Joburg Season 2

The trailer for Kings of Johannesburg Season 2 has arrived, and it’s time for fans to get excited about the next chapter of the popular crime drama. As the title suggests, the show revolves around the Masire brothers, Mogomotsi “Mo” and Simon “Vader.” While Simon, the older brother, runs the underground with an iron clench, his younger brother, Mo, is a feared figure in the wrongdoing scene.

Fans of the first season were enthralled by the show’s criminal mysticism and gangster themes. Many were also intrigued by the inclusion of African-American cast members. The show’s trailer leaves fans guessing what might happen next in season two, which is only a couple of days away! It’s not too early to start getting excited about the new season, and the trailer looks like it’ll live up to the hype.

The trailer for Kings of Johannesburg Season 2 was released yesterday, showing the start of the second season. As the title suggests, the new season will feature new characters and the same characters from the first. The series premiered on Netflix on December 4, 2020. It stars Connie Ferguson and Shona Ferguson. Producer Visionary Media Inc. has a hefty budget for the drama and promises to be an exciting season of African crime.

The trailer also reveals the new cast members for Kings of Johannesburg. It also reveals some character deaths. Connie Ferguson’s character, Shona, was recently lost, and the series is moving forward without her. Nonetheless, we’ll have to wait to find out whether or not Shona’s character will be back in the second season. If that’s the case, we’re eager to watch it!

Loyiso Gola’s new stand-up special

In a new comedy special on Showmax, Loyiso Gola tackles social norms, learning about black culture and the role of father figures. The stand-up comedian has previously released a stand-up special on The Kings Of Joburg Season 1. This special follows detective Ntombizonke (Hlubi Mboya) and Detective Jodie Snyman (Erica Wessels).

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