The Scorching Ray 5e Guide

 The Scorching Ray 5e Guide

Scorching Ray 5e

In my opinion, the best Scatter shot class is the scorching ray D&D 5e spec. With one goal in mind you are able to blast away at enemies from a distance. For every cast you must make a ranged attack and the target is going to take 2d4 fire damage on a successful hit. At higher levels: by using the spell slot of 5th level or greater you are able to cast Scorching Ray 5e and each time you cast it, another day is added for every two levels over the 5th level. What this means is that you are able to cast two rays at once for ten levels or less. The ability to spray multiple rays is a very powerful ability for this spec and adds quite a bit to the survivability of the spec.

You can line up your rays in a spread or just let them fly straight ahead. Whichever you prefer, you will be doing high damage. The spread is ideal because you are able to keep burning enemies long enough to kill them and then move on. A straight forward cone or “smoke screen” method of blasting away at your enemies can cause you to take massive damage without a focus target. This is a huge advantage and tactic for this class.

scorching ray 5e

The ability to cast spells while moving at high speeds makes the scorching ray a very potent spec. It allows for some pretty nifty tricks including being able to Dodge melee attacks while casting a scorching ray at the same time. It’s also great for catching multiple foes off guard and smothering them all with fire. If you like to play ranged characters and enjoy getting into fights from a safe distance then this is the spec for you.

The downside to the scorching ray 5e is that you have a rather small area of effect. However, it’s still fairly good overall. The range of the scorching ray won’t cover very much. Still, if you are constantly moving around with this ability active you will never miss a beat. Even when you do miss a shot it’ll usually do a decent amount of damage. Still, sometimes you’ll want to just jump in and tank everything instead of trying to land every shot.

A major key for this spec is that you want to have as much attack speed as you possibly can. Spell Dodge Roll Can reduce some of this though, so don’t overdo it. Fire Phoenix is a fantastic option to increase your ability to spell Dodge and reduce downtime. The damage done by Phoenix isn’t too much but if you get hit by a pesky enemy that doesn’t have flame immunity, you will be doing a lot of damage. When you get hit by a fire immune target you should always roll for spell Dodge.

This ability can really surprise enemies with its DoT effects. Always be ready to pop this on the turn you see one of these spells cast. It will do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Just don’t let it hit you with free damage. You’ll lose damage dealing abilities faster than they can be replaced. The burning aura that this has is a great way to keep yourself safe from enemy Fire DOT effects as well.

When you get attacked or face several groups of enemies, it can be hard to escape. You can use the molten metal to break the line of sight or even stun multiple opponents. Just make sure to have all the proper abilities up at the right moment. Just don’t wait too long to pop a couple of these abilities for the group to come to you.

This is a fun and powerful ability to have. When leveling with this spell, you’ll have to use it often. Just keep in mind that it’s not always an easy target. Some enemies have fire resistance and other have less. If you get hit by the scorching ray 5e cast on yourself then you might find yourself not being able to get back to full health.

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