The Water Genasi Monastery

 The Water Genasi Monastery

Water Genasi

Vela, Water Genasi Monk, is considered by many to be the most powerful of all the Earthlings on Elsweyr. Born in Shaeroth, she was trained by elders who realised that her talent for meditation could actually be put to good use in the battle against dragons. When her homeland was invaded by the Storm Clan, she was taken as a hostage and became their queen, ruling over half of Ashenath.

Ever since her capture, Vela has become an iconic figure in Ashenath. She is known for her kindness and is revered as a goddess by her people. However, she is also infamous for her power. In fact, she is often called the Queen of Dragons, the true queen being none other than Malfa, Highlord of Ashenvale. Born into a royal family of Ashen, she was trained from a young age by her magical father, Kaer Morin.

Although she was brought up as a monk, she used her psychic abilities and other gifts to become a powerful leader of Ashen forces. When the Ashbringer was stolen by adventurers, she immediately set out to find them and bring them back to Ashen. Unfortunately, the adventurers were able to defeat her before she could do so. However, once she became a True Mon monk, she discovered she could channel her mystical powers at will, thus allowing her to defeat even great leaders such as Archimonde. After mastering these abilities, she led her people to Ashenpire, where the Highlord position was simply her right.

The Ashbringer was missing when the Highlord died during the invasion. This gave Vela the chance to rally her forces and to fight the invaders once more. Archimonde returned, however, and she again confronted him. This time, he used his powerful powers to trap Vela in the core of Ashen. However, she was able to free herself when the Dark Legion arrived to Ashenna and were driven off by her magical powers.

When the Highlord died, Vela was promoted to the position of Highlord and was given authority over Ashen. She then gathered an elite group of fighters and went after Archimonde once again. However, when she tried to attack him directly, he teleported himself away to the Shattering the World’s Edge. Only then did she learn that Archimonde was leading a force of Ashen elves called the Defiasaligned.

Once they reached the Shattering, they were immediately overpowered by the demon lord. They were only saved by the intervention of High Inquisitor Fairbanks and his Ashtongue power. Despite their fears, Fairbanks and his team managed to defeat Archimonde, but not before he inflicted heavy damage on them with his Fire of the Silver Hand. This allowed Fairbanks and his Ashtongue powers to heal some of the wounds that they had sustained during the battle. Fairbanks was able to eventually seal Archimonde inside the Emerald Sea, preventing him from returning for another thousand years.

The Ashen Order was dissolved sometime later when Fairbanks’ son Darion was badly injured in battle. During this time, a young prince named Renault led an army of rebels against Highlord Fairbanks and his Highlord allies. He captured Fairbanks’ son Arjuna, who then became the new leader of the Ashen Order. After the Ashen Order was dissolved, Darion led his forces to attack the Defias again, only to be defeated by King Varian. He then turned his blade on King Afrasa, who used the Sunwell to cure some of his own sicknesses and become even more powerful than he previously was.

Darion continued to battle his enemies until they were all dead. He then teamed up with the Defias Courier and traveled to the world of the Sunreavers. There, he learned that the Sunreavers lived among the elves, where they were friendly and accepted by the majority. He then travelled to Northrend, fought and defeated the demon lord Archimonde, but was killed by Lich King himself. Finally, he escaped to Kalimdor where he joined the forces of the Alliance, serving alongside his former teammate Renault.

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