Timber Bunkers: Timber Bunnings

 Timber Bunkers: Timber Bunnings

Many of us have seen the adverts for timber running on television, the ones that are usually aimed at large warehouses and other large industrial units. What do they look like though? Well, most timber bunnings will be a few feet long and a few feet wide. They will generally be made from beams of timber that are strong and can support a great deal of weight. They are most commonly used in large industrial units or warehouses and factories because of their strength.

Some of you might think that these big industrial units would need to have something similar, but no, timber bunnings aren’t just for large commercial businesses anymore. They were initially designed as temporary structures in order to help create space in busy areas, such as warehouses or factories. The original posts and beams used in timber bunnings were often used in conjunction with steel beams to create even stronger structures. In fact, this combination was used in the construction of the Hoover Dam in Arizona!

timber bunnings

Timber running first became popular in large industrial complexes after they were featured in a series of advertisements in July 2021. These advertisements featured what is probably the most famous advert for a timber binnacle that there is. The advert was by none other than Philip Banks, the famous bank manager responsible for the bank’s recent success. Here is the relevant text as posted on the 7th July 2021:

Philip Banks spent many years working in the finance sector. He rose through the ranks at Bank of England, and went onto the head of its investment bank, before becoming the bank’s chief executive in charge of its commercial activities. There he was able to turn around the bank’s numerous bad debts, which had left it heavily in debt. The strategy he implemented saw the bank’s assets being seized by the government in order to pay off its debts. The proceeds from this were then invested in large chunks in timber bunnings, giving the bank free cash.

In light of the above, it is clear that the adverts need to be toned down a little. A little less coarse language, and a lot more sensitivity to the needs of the consumers that the adverts are attempting to address. In light of the fact that the adverts were released just prior to the general election, it seems a little unfortunate that the main message of the adverts was lost in the heat of the political atmosphere. Especially, when the company in question was already enjoying much recovery, and looking forward to greater expansion in the future.

When looking at timber bunkers, it is important to remember that we live in an age of extreme materialism. The idea of having a timber banger on one’s property can sound a bit corny, and therefore, should be rethought. In most cases, timber bunnings are actually quite attractive places to situate a timber wall. The look of wood, and the sound of timber when the timber managers begin walking across it, combine together in a very attractive manner. Add to that the fact that it does not cost as much to buy timber bunkers, than it does to maintain expensive timber buildings.

So, back to the adverts themselves. I am sure that someone, somewhere has seen something that they like in one of these adverts, and felt that it would make a good addition to their home. However, for every timber banger that is sold, there are a hundred of them waiting for people to take them up on their offers. How can one find their ideal timber banger? This can be easily done by visiting online classified websites.

By searching online for “Timber Bunkers”, you can find a whole plethora of websites that have them for sale. Some of these classified adverts will be from companies that have taken an individual enterprise and themselves. This means that they can afford to advertise at a better rate than a company that is not selling timber bunkers. With so many timber bunkers being sold online on these sites, it is pretty easy to get an idea of what you want in your timber banger.

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