Tips and Tricks to Make Your Client Happy

 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Client Happy

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Do you add new clients happy but struggle to retain them? Acquiring new customers is key to business success. Customers that buy products or services generate revenues. But for sustainable revenues, a single sale is rarely enough. That is why retaining customers is just as important as acquiring them. This applies to all types of businesses, from a large technology company to your local recruitment agency Virginia. How does retention help? Well, in simple terms, it ensures that the same customer buys your offerings multiple times. So instead of a single sale per customer, you could have several over the customer lifecycle.  

Of course, in many cases, retention can be much harder than acquisition. Having a great product or service is just the first step. Only customers satisfied the first time will continue to buy from you. Here’s how to ensure your customers stay happy enough to keep buying:  

Focus On the Overall Customer Experience  

The biggest mistake many sellers make is to rely solely on the strength of their offerings. They may think their product/service is so good that everyone who buys it is satisfied. However good your products or services are, however, they are only one part of a more complex customer experience. Therefore, your focus shouldn’t just be on a great offering, but also a great experience for people who buy or use them. From a warm greeting at reception to serving refreshments to offering free delivery, there are many ways to improve a customer’s experience. And a great experience usually means a better chance of repeat sales to the same customer.  

Pay Attention to Feedback and Address Issues  

You may already be focused on improving customer satisfaction through their experience. But unless you’re paying attention to their feedback, you’ll never identify or address areas that could improve. Customers can often take issue with the smallest of things that others may not. But if you see persistent complaints coming in about the same things, you know you have a problem with the experience you offer. As a rule, treat customer feedback very seriously. And wherever possible, go out of the way to obtain feedback that can help you improve the experience they get.

Conversely, feedback can also tell you which bits of the total experience resonate with consumers. This gives you a more solid footing to further improve your experiences.  

Personalization Often Pays Off  

The “personal touch” isn’t something that died out with digital commerce. Even in digital interactions, people like to know they are valued customers. Therefore, personalizing interactions, even automated ones, can go a long way. Platforms like MailChimp can help you send out personalized email blasts. Other platforms let you save customer info and assign a unique ID to them. That way, when they have a need or query, you or a service rep can access their history with you and make informed choices.  

Prioritize Resolving Customer Complaints   

It is almost impossible to keep everyone happy. Consumers will complain all the time about one thing or another. But, as a business owner or manager, you cannot afford to ignore direct complaints. Especially ones that specifically address issues that could harm your future customer relationships. A rude employee, a poor delivery experience, or a bad payment gateway can all give customers genuine reasons to complain. And it is up to you to make things as right as possible. This high-pressure situation is tense, but if you make the right moves, you can defuse the situation by addressing customer complaints. And by extension, show them how much you value their business.  

Go the Extra Mile with Packaging, Freebies, and More 

Want to make customers happy? Go the extra mile right from the get-go. Give more attention to how your products are packaged. Include personalized notes to your customer, preferably by name. Maybe throw in a gift card or a discount voucher. If you have access to that information, set automated emails to offer discounts to existing customers on their birthdays. There is usually no one way to do this. But working harder on several fronts is bound to grab a customer’s attention. And when they notice the attention you put into their experience, you can be sure they will appreciate it.  


Experiences define relationships. This holds true, whether you’re a candidate applying through a mortgage staffing agency or a customer walking into a store for the first time. The right experience will set the tone for the rest of the relationship and encourage further interactions. A poor experience may undo all of your hard work up until that point. Therefore, don’t just focus on acquiring new buyers. Focus on extending the customer lifecycle (or the time they spend with you) as far as possible. And that only works with happier customers. Now that you have an idea of where to start, its time to start shaping your own customer satisfaction and experiences.  

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