What is Business Process Outsourcing, and How does BPO benefit my business?

 What is Business Process Outsourcing, and How does BPO benefit my business?

Business Process Outsourcing is a practice that can be used for big and small businesses alike. Perhaps your company does not have the appropriate resources to be able to fulfill a particular business task properly, so you make the decision to outsource it to a vendor with the proper qualifications and expertise.

Or perhaps your business discovers that those practices can be done more effectively, at a cheaper cost. Either way, it could potentially be beneficial for your business to figure out if BPO is a decision you want to take and which particular tasks need to be outsourced.

But before then, let’s gain an understanding of BPO itself.

What is Business Process Outsourcing?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is when a business contracts an external service provider for the performance of essential business tasks or processes, such as data recording, customer support, social media marketing, etc.

It is basically when you outsource internal business practices or functions to external parties for completion.

What is BPO used for?

Companies can be seen outsourcing one or more business tasks – sometimes where only certain processes are contracted while others are fulfilled by the company’s own employees. Other times, companies can outsource an entire department’s tasks to external vendors.

There are two main forms of work where companies can be seen outsourcing their business tasks:

  1. Back-Office Functions/Operations – which entail your internal business functions, such as IT services, accounting, quality assurance, etc.
  1. Front-Office Functions/Operations – which include your sales, customer relations, marketing, etc.

Benefits of BPO

There are many benefits that BPO can offer your business and help you decide if this is the correct practice that you want to adopt.

  • BPO can help you to gain a competitive advantage because you can focus your internal resources on things that can uniquely distinguish your products and services from those of competitors.
  • Your business can save money because you may receive work at a lower cost when outsourcing certain tasks to vendors, and you can use those financial resources elsewhere.
  • The quality of work can be higher due to the expertise of the experienced vendors so that you can expect greater performance and efficiency.
  • BPO service providers can be more up-to-date with modern advancements in the market and bring more innovative ideas and practices into the tasks. This can include new technology that can increase the efficiency or productivity of the work.
  • The vendors can be more flexible in keeping up with and adjusting to a rapidly changing market environment. These timely reactions can keep your business afloat while others struggle to keep up.

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