What you don’t know about MOURAD OUHNAOUI?

 What you don’t know about MOURAD OUHNAOUI?

MOURAD OUHNAOUI grew up in the sports field since he was six years old His father pushed him to participate in the Moroccan National Hall in gymnastics.

It continued for at least a year Then he went to the martial arts field Including the sport of Aikido, which has many evidence, including the black belt and karate and kungfu.

In the sport of Vovinam, Kit won four ranks, the champion of Morocco four times in a row, and the Italian championship.

Walbando is a certified global trainer from the Swiss International University He was part of the Moroccan national team in 2016 for sports Pando, holder of a black belt and a teacher’s degree.

Likewise, he was a coach and founder of parkour in Quneitra, a sport that relies on lightness and climbing And thanks to the aesthetics of his body, which allowed him to resort to the sport of bodybuilding, through which he excelled in this field.

He participated in several championships and was ranked first nationally in 2016 and also ranked third in the open man’s physic championship. With Dalek, he excelled in his university studies, when he was studying at Ibn Tufail College for Physical Sciences from the 2011 to 2014 season, and he also obtained a high diploma in the field of management. Administrative and contracting, and he founded the Security and Personal Protection Company in 2016, and the company became famous during the signing of a contract to protect The oldest party and the first party in Morocco, occupants party.

After that, he moved to the State of Qatar with a contract to train diplomatic personalities, and he became famous in his training field.

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