Which Color Model Is The Best For Making Custom Printed Magnetic Rigid Boxes?

 Which Color Model Is The Best For Making Custom Printed Magnetic Rigid Boxes?

Rigid packaging is taking the market by storm. This wonderful packaging solution helps cater to various packaging needs. It features a wonderful combination of structural integrity and visual appeal. However, the growing competition implores brands to make rigid boxes that stand out and entice the customers. Brands are turning towards various packaging styles. One of the most common types that helps in this matter is the magnetic rigid boxes. These boxes feature a magnetic lock that provides a satisfying clicking sound when closing the boxes. Thus, it helps enhance the customers’ experience.

However, there are basics when it comes to making custom rigid packaging that some brands might be overlooking. If you want to create exceptional packaging, one of the best things you can do is pay attention when decorating the boxes with custom prints. Color models can help you make vibrant colors that pull the customers from afar and enhance your branding.

Enhancing your branding will allow you to attain a competitive edge that can allow you to overcome your competition. Furthermore, it can help in improving sales. And wholesale magnetic rigid boxes can help you do that. 

This blog post will look at the various color models in the packaging industry and describe how they can help you make custom magnetic rigid boxes that can truly be a work of art.

Custom Printed Magnetic Rigid Boxes

Let’s start by discussing the three color models, namely, RGB, CMYK and PMS.

RGB Color Model For Wholesale Large Magnetic Rigid Boxes

The RGB color model helps reflect light by absorbing other colors. It is an additive color model that works by adding the different Red, Green, and Blue levels. For example, suppose you have three colored lights with these three primary colors. In that case, you will get white light because all the different frequencies are being added to give off a pure color. However, this type of model doesn’t work well in printing since it can lead to issues like inaccurate reproduction of certain colors due to lack of pigments.  Thus, they cannot be ideal for making rigid packaging. However, it can be helpful during the designing phase of the large rigid magnetic closure gift boxes.

CMYK For Large Magnetic Closure Gift Boxes

The CMYK color model comprises Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black). Unlike RGB, where all the colors are mixed together to give off one pure color; in CMYK, each ink has its own layer on top of another, which are then used to produce various hues. In addition, when they are overprinted on each other the colors produce a richer tone of color. If you want to create vibrant looking large rigid magnetic closure gift boxes, CMYK can be ideal.

PMS For Wholesale Rigid Magnetic Boxes

The PMS or Pantone Matching System is a special inbuilt library with a vast collection of color inks and papers in various formulations. This means that you can pick a color in this library, and it will show you the exact ink formula to use for your custom boxes. It helps enhance printing accuracy, consistency and build brand identity through its precise colors. 

Thus, understanding these three basic color models will help you get started with creating custom magnetic rigid boxes that will catch the customers’ eyes easily. Now, let’s look at some of the key factors that support these color models: 

Using CMYK colors for custom boxes often helps produce bright, vibrant and more accurate images since they help reproduce a range of colors, including those hard-to-achieve ones. 

On the other hand RGB offers several advantages over CMYK, such as easy separation of overlapping colors during production which can save you money and stops ink from building up on your cutters. It also makes it easier to make changes since each layer of ink is independent of each other. 

PMS offers rich colors that are ready to be printed on your custom boxes. It helps create a consistent look for your brand image since each of the color inks included has been tested by Pantone professionals. It is also cheaper than using CMYK or RGB inks since you buy one PMS ink set instead of having to purchase several ingredients for making the final shade. 

When making magnetic rigid boxes, the choice of color models can help make or break the packaging. When choosing a color model, it will be helpful to look at the final product in terms of its quality and cost-efficiency in production. This way, you can make the right choice when choosing color models for your wholesale large magnetic rigid boxes. 

Which The Best Option Amongst The Three Color Models?

When comparing RGB, CMYK, and PMS color models, you should look for the best suits your requirements and not just go for the cheapest option. This is because anything that you print wholesale rigid magnetic boxes will be seen by many customers and should present a clear, cohesive brand image to them. It’s important to know how the colors will look in different lighting conditions so it helps to send out samples of each color model before committing to bulk production. It can help to look for manufacturers that offer prototyping options such as flat view, mock-up videos, and physical unit samples. 

When creating magnetic rigid gift boxes, the last thing you want is to be stuck with several unprinted boxes because the colors aren’t accurate enough or the total cost doesn’t justify getting them printed. With proper attention given to details like color models, you will have a durable magnetic box ready for use in no time.

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