Who’s Minting NFT Collectibles in 2022: Cybershinu

 Who’s Minting NFT Collectibles in 2022: Cybershinu

Cybershinu is an ERC-20 token that aims to evolve the dog meme currency while also making a positive impact on the world as a whole. To discourage whales from dumping their investments, the coin will be offered at a reasonable pre-sale price so that anyone can participate and profit from it. The art of minting NFT coins has advanced significantly.

What is Cybershinu?

The aim of Cybershinu is to give the underdog an advantage. In a crypto world dominated by hedge funds, whales, and nepotism-like whitelist practices, everyone deserves a fair shot at the “Moonshot” that people keep talking about.

The project’s goal is to avoid giving the whales an advantage if launched covertly. When the tokens are released, Cybershinu will hold a pre-sale at a fixed price. The pre-sale runs from February 21 to March 7. The purpose of this is so that everyone will benefit from minting NFT collectibles.

Pet foster parents and no-kill humane organizations will be supported by a small charitable fund set up by Cybershinu. The organization’s goal is to open a non-profit humane society and provide financial assistance to those in need, bearing they raise enough money.

The 10,000 unique NFTs are pixel art representations of the Cybershi fighters, and they’re available for purchase from Cybershinu.

In the Cybershi movement, progress is being aided by community efforts. Cybershi would not exist if it weren’t for the contributions of its users. Thanks to Cybershinu, it’s easier for newcomers to join the Cybershi community. Being a Cybershi requires only three qualities: Honor (never wronging another cybershi), Altruism (a sincere desire to help others), and Heart (to show courage in every living moment of life). In the Cybershinu civilization, there is no such thing as an overabundance of warriors. The cutting-edge cryptocurrency Cybershinu is a great way to explore new possibilities in minting NFT collectibles.

How Cybershinu facilitates its community:

Cybershinu’s many fascinating features, such as the following, are available to retail investors:

  • A person can purchase $CYSHI at a fixed rate of 1 $CYSHI per $0.005 USD during the presale. Because of this, the community can expect a moonshot token. There will be an end to seed/early round sales and whitelists. Everyone pays the same 0.005 entry fee. Members’ $CYSHI will be available for collection on the website once the pre-sale is over. In comparison to most other community sites, Cybershinu is much more active and develops quickly thanks to this distribution method.
  • The team at Cybershinu believes that members should have complete control over their tokens. As a result, they’ve decided not to levy any kind of tax on tokens. A number of other meme currencies charge a fee ranging from 5% to 15%, which only benefits the whales while harming the general public.

Cybershinu Website: https://www.cybershinu.com/

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