Why the World Needs Technical Cleaning Services

 Why the World Needs Technical Cleaning Services

Have you ever even heard of unattended death cleanup? Luckily, most of us aren’t familiar with this tragic—yet vital—service that is a core task for technical cleaning companies. For any incident that involves biohazardous and potentially dangerous materials, technical cleaning services will sanitize the entire exposed area and restore your space to a clean, safe, and functional area.  

Here, we’re taking a closer look into the world of technical cleaning services. First, we work to define this specialized service and some of the most common types of technical cleaning. We then discuss some of the many reasons why technical cleaning services are so important and how you should never attempt one of these cleaning jobs on your own. 


Technical cleaning services respond to some of the most serious cleaning tasks. In the event of a suicide, unattended death, violent crime, or any other incident that involves biohazardous materials, these experts can clean and completely sanitize the affected area. No one should be asked to clean up after one of these emergencies on their own. Not only is this an emotional hurdle, but most people don’t have the necessary equipment or skills to ensure that the exposed space is safe again. This is when you need a technical cleaning team. 


Technical cleaning teams are trained and prepared to handle unexpected and potentially dangerous sanitation jobs. But how do you know when a job crosses the line from simply an unwelcome cleaning job to one that requires professional help? Most homeowners and property owners find it hard to know where to draw this line.

To help you better understand when you may need the assistance of a technical cleaning company, here are some of the most common technical cleaning services:

·  Unattended death cleanup: if someone dies and there is no one to immediately respond, the body will begin to decompose. This leads to a significant health risk for anyone who then comes into contact with the body. Additionally, it can be very traumatic for a loved one to then have to clean up these areas.

·  Blood cleanup: in the event of an accident that involves blood, whether it’s a death or violent crime, you don’t want to be cleaning these up on your own. Bloodborne pathogens have the potential to cause health risks. Technical cleaning firms have the proper gear and skills to completely clean an area and disinfect it following a blood spill.

·  Crime scene cleanup: if a violent crime occurs in your home or property, paramedics and police have no responsibility to clean up after the incident.

·  Biohazard cleanup: biohazardous waste refers to any material that is contaminated with potentially infectious agents that may be threatening to your health. Examples of biohazardous waste include blood, bodily fluids, and animal waste.

·  Hoarding cleanup: hoarding is a psychological disorder that causes people to save items (especially ones that may be considered insignificant) and store them haphazardly throughout their homes. Cleaning up an area stockpiled with these materials can not only be extremely difficult but even dangerous at times. 


While we all hope to never be involved in one of these tragic scenarios, emergencies still happen every day. If one occurs on your property or in your home, you shouldn’t be left to deal with the aftermath all by yourself. This is the true value of technical cleaning services. These professionals have the necessary skills, training, equipment, and experience to aid you in your time of need and ensure that your space is safe and sanitized.

Additionally, these professionals understand the delicate nature of these situations. They’ve handled them before, or ones that are very similar, so they understand the level of care, focus, and empathy required to complete the task while treating the situation with the respect it deserves.

Here are a few of the top reasons why the world needs technical cleaning services:

1. Health risks.

The primary concern over tackling these types of cleaning jobs on your own is the risk to your health. Biohazardous materials, such as blood, other bodily fluids, or animal waste can cause harm to your health.

2. Property damage.

If an unattended death or violent crime occurs on your property, there’s always a chance that damage occurred to your home. In an attempt to clean and repair these areas, an amateur may actually end up doing more harm than good by causing even more damage to the property. A professional technical cleaning team has the experience and equipment to prevent any additional damages.

3. Thorough sanitization and cleaning.

If a surface looks visibly clean, this doesn’t always mean it is clean. Attempting to clean up after a biohazardous event is a challenge if you don’t have the right equipment or experience because you can’t guarantee total sanitation. As a result, you run the risk that you or someone else may still be exposed to a health risk.

4. Proper safety equipment.

Tackling one of these cleaning jobs requires much more than a sponge and some rubber gloves. To ensure you don’t expose yourself to hazardous materials, you’ll need top of the line personal protective equipment (PPE), which can be rather expensive to purchase on your own.

5. Exposure to grief and trauma.

An unattended death, suicide, or violent crime can take a toll on your emotional wellbeing. In the aftermath, you should be focused on your own recovery—not cleaning up after the incident. To help you in your recovery process, and to prevent additional grief and trauma, technical cleaning services will arrive promptly and take care of the entire job. They’ll work promptly, professionally, and discreetly to help you recover from the trauma of the incident. With critical experience performing these jobs, they also treat each assignment with the necessary compassion and empathy. 


In the event of an emergency that involves biohazardous materials or waste, you should never attempt to clean up on your own. Few, if any, homeowners and property owners have the skills, equipment, and experience to safely clean and sanitize the exposed area. If an emergency occurs on your home or property, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals. A technical cleaning team will make your space clean, safe, and help you begin your journey toward recovery. 

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