4 Best Places to Visit in Pakistan

 4 Best Places to Visit in Pakistan

Best Places in pakistan

Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a colorful country in South Asia, wedged between the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. It is the fifth-most densely populated country with a total population of 212.2 million, and borders India, China, Afghanistan, Iran and Bangladesh. Pakistan is also the twenty-third-most densely populated city-state in the whole world, occupying a space of 9izon of land.

Besides being a beautiful country and a popular tourist destination, Pakistan is home to many other important landmarks that have earned it a prominent place in the map of world heritage sites. Some of the renowned places to visit in Pakistan include Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan; Lahore, the largest city of Pakistan; Quetta, the largest city of Punjab; Rawalah, the capital of central Pakistan; Karachi, the commercial hub of Pakistan; and Baluchistan, the mountainous region of Pakistan. Islamabad is considered to be the “emate” between the West and East. It was attacked by the US and India during the partition of Pakistan and is now governed from Islamabad by a fully functional central government. Major attractions in Pakistan include the Army Technical College, Quaid-i-Ras, Pakistan Museum and the Pir Sohawa International Airport, which are considered to be the seven wonders of Pakistan.

Rawalah is considered to be among the best places to visit in Pakistan as it is situated at the confluence of the rivers Yamuna and Behenjang. It is a bustling metropolis with a mix of traditional and modern elements. It is situated on the riverbank of Yamuna and is flanked by a number of palm trees, lovely beaches, and an amazing rice field. It has a large number of textile and garment factories, as well as small scale businesses operating from house-to-house.

The second best places to visit in Pakistan are the twin cities of Karachi and Lahore, the capital city of Pakistan. Both these cities have a huge influence on the economic and social development of Baluchistan province. Lahore is Pakistan’s third largest city, and is a great destination for domestic and international tourists. It has a lot of educational institutions and universities, as well as many famous monuments and buildings that carry a significant historical significance. Among the important landmarks in Lahore that you should not miss are the Leela Garden, the Chorangara Bagh, thezebbal Sherwan Bagh, as well as the Chismarh Fort.

The third best time to visit Pakistan is spring. Between March and May you can enjoy the various activities such as flower shows, folk festivals, camel safari, polo, shopping, and sightseeing. The national flower of Pakistan is the marigold, which is found in abundance in the cities of Pakistan and also in the surrounding areas. Spring is also a time when you can go for trekking in the mountainous regions of Pakistan. If you are looking for a vacation spot that is situated conveniently close to major cities, then you must try the lakes district.

The fourth best places to visit in Pakistan are the smaller cities and towns of the north. These cities and towns offer an exciting opportunity to see a picturesque landscape, wonderful cultural heritage and diverse nightlife. You will be able to explore the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan by visiting the cities of FATA, Kundan, Multan, Chardara, Hyderabad, Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Rawal Makki, Swat Valley, and Buner. These cities have a rich tradition of tolerance, hospitality and have made multiculturalism a very strong culture. Tourists from all over the world travel to Pakistan to experience this exotic natural beauty and cultural heritage.

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