Best Places to Visit in the UK

 Best Places to Visit in the UK


The UK, consisting of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland, is quite an island country in northwest Europe. England, home to The Beatles and Shakespeare, is home to the largest city, London. London is the site of The Roman spa, Neolithic Stonehenge, and hundreds of years-old universities at Cambridge and Oxford. ―’-Google

Wales is known for its stunning mountains and picturesque valleys. A church in Goathland marks the border between England and Wales. A major industry is tourism and the Welsh have an incredible language, which dates back thousands of years. A major art industry is based in Cardiff.

Northern Ireland is also home to some beautiful castles and towns. The most famous castle, Belfast, attracts millions of visitors each year. Much of this touring is done during the summer months when the world’s biggest annual arts festival takes place. The other main towns are Portadown, Coleshillave and Craigoway.

A must see is the Royal Albert Hall in London. This amazing concert hall was built in 1871. Built as a venue for popular music concerts and theatrical productions, the hall is now a venue for many literary works, opera and plays. The most famous resident is Prince Philip. The museum contains ancient artifacts and displays artworks by some of the best artists in the world.


A great place to visit is the Scottish Borders. It is an ideal stopping place while traveling through the United Kingdom. Here you can see Borders Land, which is the largest National Park in Scotland. It has an impressive mountain range and is surrounded by other spectacular scenery including sea and coastal areas. The best time to visit here is between May and September. It is also possible to get there from London by train.

One of the best places to visit in UK is the Scottish islands with their lochs. In the middle of the North Sea are the six counties of Fife. These counties are known for their beauty and are home to some of the finest castles, beaches and lands. You can reach them by ferry from any part of England.

You can choose to see the castles and gliders in Inverness. The best time to visit here is from April to October. You can also opt to see the lochs in Skye. Here you will be able to view the beautiful scenery and take a walk along the sea front. This is an ideal place to visit with your partner. The castles here have been converted into shops offering fine bedding items.

There are other places to visit in UK that can make your holiday memorable. The north of England is one of the best places to visit. Here you will see the castles, Moors, hills and plateaux. Some of the best places include Donington, Middleton, West Sussex, and Birmingham. You can also opt for a country pub holiday and spend evenings in some of the countryside pubs.

England has great food festivals during summer. During these festivals you will get to taste the best local food and drink. Some of the best places to visit in UK during summer are Durham, Peterborough and Glasmere. The summer is a great time to visit the UK and it will not let you down when you visit some of the best places.

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