Best Hair Restoration Surgery Clinic in Lahore Pakistan

 Best Hair Restoration Surgery Clinic in Lahore Pakistan

The Best hair restoration surgery clinic Lahore Pakistan will use follicular unit extraction (FUE) to transplant the patient’s missing hair. The procedure will use the donor region to collect healthy grafts, which are then transferred to the recipient area. This process involves the use of a motor that can harvest the hair follicles. The hair transplant procedure in Lahore uses the FUE technique to help patients achieve a natural looking frontal hairline.

The surgical team at ILHT Lahore includes Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry, who is a French Board Certified hair restoration surgeon. The doctor is responsible for the training of many hair surgeons around the world. The FUE technique requires very little scarring. ILHT also has an individualized approach to hair transplantation. Patients can expect to recover quickly and look their best. Hair restoration surgery can be a challenging decision.

Tempus Hair Restoration is run by Dr. Zahid Iqbal, who graduated from the King Edward Medical University, Lahore, in 2003. He has the highest certification for hair transplants in the world. He has been practicing hair transplant surgery for thirteen years and is an active associate member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. He has lectured all over the world and is well-respected internationally.

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