GHANA News ONLINE is a comprehensive resource about Ghana. It’s a website on information, news and entertaining content. The portal was launched in 2020 by founder & Business Consultant, Elikem Quashigah. The owning company of the website is HR Forum Media, a privately owned web media organisation operating from Accra, Ghana.

In the last 2 years, GHANA News ONLINE  has recorded a steady and tremendous rise in the Ghanaian web media space. The News website provides unbiased and fair coverage of Ghanaian news. There has also been developed, a platform for Ghanaians to freely express themselves through opinion articles and news comments without fear of repercussions. On the other side, the news web portal is a platform built and run by Ghanaians for Ghanaians.

The web portal is built to satisfy the needs of the everyday visitors that visit through the web and social media platforms. It was created to reshape Ghanaian content selection and distribution practises. The practise of selecting news items and information that are both relevant, factual and interesting, before they are published. This is to prevent the spread of false information.

According to GHANA News ONLINE’s own statements, visitors are predominantly Ghanaian, many of them living in the diaspora in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Nigeria, just to mention a few. And with a social media (Facebook & Twitter) follower count of 36000 and counting, they are regarded as one of the fastest growing Ghanaian news website with authoritative news content.

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