Fashion Outrageous

 Fashion Outrageous

When you think of fashion, do you think of a hot topic? A topic that can cause a lot of controversy and a lot of people talking about it. I would have to agree with the latter statement. Fashion is one of those subjects that seems to get everyone talking. One day, someone is wearing shoes made out of alligator skin and the next day people are protesting against it!

As an upcoming college student, I plan on participating in many protests. This may sound crazy but if I am going to be going to school at University of Florida then I’m going to support their sports teams! UF has more sport teams than any other university in the country (I am not sure how many teams they actually have). So there’s a lot of ways for me to participate in protests at school when it comes time for football season! But back to my original point… Fashion causes so much controversy when it comes time for big sporting events such as the Super bowl or World Series or even just normal Sunday football games!

Personally, I don’t really pay attention too much on what designers are creating each season because most things just aren’t my style and look weird on me. However, every once in awhile something catches my eye and makes me want try something new with my wardrobe. I have a lot of accessories that I use to add a little flare and style to my outfits. Whether it be a scarf, necklace or even just a hat.

I also like to use accessories such as hats and sunglasses because I have really sensitive eyes so it helps me from getting too much light exposure. The last thing I want is for my eyes to get damaged!

When you think of clothing, do you think of people wearing very bright colors or maybe even animal print? Fashion can also be described as being outrageous in many ways. Fashion is not only the things that we wear but how we wear our clothes and hairstyle can make an outfit more outrageous than others! This may sound silly but one day while walking around the mall with my friend, she decided that she wanted her hair cut short! She had been growing her hair out for quite some time before deciding this was what she wanted it cut into. So she went ahead and did it… And shortly after cutting her hair someone tried calling her names because they thought she was a boy with short hair… WTF?!?!?! How rude could that person have been?! This just shows how judgmental people are in life! My friend told me that this person said something along the lines of “You look like a guy!”. So in return, my friend said something back in defense such as “Hey there’s nothing wrong with looking like a guy. What’s wrong with that?” And then she told me that she said something about how the person probably shouldnt be so judgmental and look at all of the things going on in this world to worry about someone else’s hair.

Personally, I think it is great when people express themselves through their clothing. It shows who they are as a person and what they like. But there is a fine line between expressing yourself and being outrageous! I know many people who wear clothes that maybe aren’t their style just because they want to show off or just to attract attention from other people such as boys or girls! I’m not saying everyone does it but there are some people out there doing this for sure, especially girls!

There’s also another issue with fashion which is animal rights and animal cruelty. Many designers use real fur on clothing such as coats, jackets and even hats and scarves. Although millions of animals die each year because of fur we still continue to wear it… Why?!?!?! We need to do something about this ASAP!!! Some designers claim that by wearing fur you help save animals since less animals will be killed for pelts if no one wears them anymore… That doesn’t make sense though! If you’re not going to stop making the products then why would anyone stop buying them? This makes no sense!!! There are plenty of alternatives for those items now days that don’t require killing an animal in order for someone else to benefit from wearing it.

Fashion brings out a lot of crazy personalities and it causes a lot of controversy which makes for some interesting conversations. But we need to remember that God created us all in His image, not the other way around! And with that being said, let’s make sure we stay true to ourselves and always express ourselves through our clothing but most importantly do it in a way that glorifies God.

Lisa James

Lisa is a 24-year old, passionate writer, and a keen observer. She loves fashion and is always looking for new trends and styles. Not just that, but she’s also the boss lady who is always hustling and trying to get everything done perfectly!

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